iPhone/mobile skin

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by BlownFiveLiter, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hey Mike and Tim, have you guys seen this? It looks like vB developed its own iPhone skin that should be compatible with vB3.8.x and also vB4 when you make the switch down the road. Might make a nice addition and help with the problems with the current skin?
  2. VB hired another firm to make that app, and it is exclusive to VBulletin.com's forums. You can now PAY them money to have a custom app built for your site and pay who knows how much to have an SN iphone app in the app store. Don't think its worth it and VB customers are pissed that they just didnt make an app that would plug in to any Forum...

    Since they got by Internet Brands they have went to hell. VB4 is a joke and why most of us have not switched to it.
  3. I got the impression that it was an app that could be installed on sites, even with having to purchase it. It appears its in beta right now anyway, I just needed to do a bit more reading about it. Was just an idea, to keep this place great. :)

    I agree fully about vB4 though. I set up a virtual machine here at the house, to test it out. I didn't get into it much where I found bugs, but I've seen way too many issues, to want to use it. Not to mention, I don't have a license for it anyway, so that kind of rules out using it.