IRS and wheelhop

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chuckystang, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. I know everyone on this site is all about going with at least 410 gears in a pre 03 cobra, but will that cause the car to hop all the way down the track? Will launching the car now become literally impossible? and most importantly anyone know if this will or could damage the IRS or is that strictly on the driver? I know everyone has heard of usable horsepower and well is this mod usable in the sense of bringing more good than harm :shrug:
  2. You will get just as much wheel hop with 4.10's as with your stock gears. Just a couple of mods will help decrease the hop, but you will never git rid of it. Traction is the problem, you will only hop when you lose it, so a set of good tires help alot also. Read my sig that stuff helped alot. Also, dont fear the gear. If you get anything less than 4.10's you will be sorry.And if you do get 4.30's that will only increase your rpm's by 200 over the 4.10's, just giving you some ideas. Wheel hop sucks. :nonono:
  3. i am running 3.73's and i love them. i'm on the highway for the most part and they feel great.

    as for wheelhop, well i've found that i can avoid wheelhop just by revving to 5k or so and dumping the clutch in 1st, but if i try to rev lower i get terrible wheelhop, AND it seems to depend on the surface of the road too, like concrete or asphalt.
  4. thanks guys, so I take it that the gear selection doesnt really change wheel hop just traction. i have 275/40/17 bfg kdw in the rear, i hope its good enough. but wow rev to 5 grand, nothing but wheel spin... do you have slicks? either of you have any problems with your irs though, like added damage from the gear swap, because i would imagine that it puts more stress on it, but i dont know haha :shrug:
  5. I put on a heavy-duty rear diff brace with aluminum bushings and I have been wheel hop free ever since! :banana:
  6. no slicks..i can do it on street tires ;)

    on another note, i had my cobra on a lift yesterday, and thoroughly went over the IRS to look for damage or anything but there was nothing at all wrong. i got the gears done around the 25th of june, so as of now, things are holding up well for me. :)
  7. im pretty sure im gona put in 410 this month some time, i better not do any damage :mad:
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    Whether or not you damage it is on you. If you get any wheel hop at all...get off the gas! Every person who I have seen blow up their rears or axles at the track had bad wheel hop and stayed on it.

    I heard that with 4.10s you will have to use 5th gear. Anyone know if thats true?

    I just recently got the QA1 adjustable shocks on my car and driving around with them on setting #4 (pretty soft) I dont get any wheel hop! Thats my only mod to the suspension. I have BFG G Forces on for street use.

    The real test will be once it gets cooler out and the car is running faster....then I suspect I might get some wheel hop again on the street.

    AT the track with some BFG DRs I dont think Ill have any wheel hop launching like I used to before gaining all the extra power and torque. Havent been back yet to test it out though.