Irs Exhaust On Sra Car

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  1. So apparently this is becoming more and more popular. There are quite a few guys who are making the exposed IRS catbacks work on their SRA cars without any problems, whether it be IRS catback on a GT/Mach or Cobra owners running their catbacks on a SRA swap. I've always loved the look of the polished exposed exhaust on the 03/04 Cobras from behind. It looks so damn mean.



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  2. doesnt allow for SRA travel. Plus when you life the car up at a Tire shop and the SRA hangs down it will rip off the Pipes.
  3. Apparantly these guys have figured out how to avoid those problems. There's quite a few 03/04 Cobra owners with SRA swaps that are running their IRS exhausts :shrug:

    Im gathering more info from these guys.....
  4. There is no physical way to overcome the problems i just explained. No way at all.

    Go outside and put your car on jackstands, but support the rear jackstands by the box, and not the Axles. In 30 seconds you will understand what i mean.
  5. According the guys that have done it, there is no where enough play in the the suspension (while driving) for the axle/diff to impact the pipes. A lot of the cars that are running them are lowered anyway so that helps. The only issue is, like you mentioned, when the car is jacked. They said that the tailpipes are only attached by hangers located at the tips and and to the mufflers. They are saying that it takes them no more than 5 minutes to unbolt the pipes from the mufflers so the car can be jacked up.
  6. The paint on that Mach1 needs a polish and wax soon!!! ​
    But yeah that looks sick, with it setup like that.​
  7. I read that..... but your post just proves me correct. Everytime the car is jacked up, the exhaust has to be unbolted. That leads to exhaust leaks. And if you get your tires rotated every 3000 miles like I do (which is every 3 months), Its gotta lead to bad news. No way the tire shop is gonna unbolt your exhaust for you.

    Its just being ghetto, trying to make something work that never will. Noticed how that question was avoided by even the OP because they know that if the car is jacked up, your will mess up the exhaust.
  8. Just out of curiosity, how often do you jack your car up lol? I think I've jacked mine up maybe twice in the last year. I run a staggered wheel combo so tire rotation is null.
  9. Looks like it shouldn't sit any lower then a T/A. I have always loved the look of a polished IRS cat-back.
  10. I jack my car up at least once a week cause i throw my DR's on and off very often. I also drive my car very hard, so i am always inspecting brakes and suspension. Plus i get my Tires rotated and balanced every 2 months or so because i have very soft compound tires and want them to wear correctly.
  11. Well then I can see how they would be a PITA for ya
  12. It would be a pain in the ass for anyone. The reason the IRS has the exhgause underneath in the first place is because the IRS its self doesnt move, on the outter arms. the Pumpkin is bolted to the body.
  13. Yes, Im fully aware of how each suspension setup works :)
  14. Stop wasting your money on poser mods like this and get a Kenne Bell. lol
  15. oh and fyi, i have a mac irs catback just wasting away in my garage:burnout:
  16. This offends me deeply.