IRS fluid change!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Marine18, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I have a 2003 Cobra recently the rear diff started leaking so i need to replace the gasket, problem is i cant find any good guides on how to do it. If anybody has a good link on it and would like to post it I would greatly appreciate it!! thank you!
  2. Well the diff is known to leak when the case cracks. Be sure and check for that.
  3. well, if it is only a leaking pan and it needs to be replaced thats simple. just take off the bolts little by little and when you crack open the pan have a oil drain pan under and be ready for the fluid to come out. it should be around 2 quarts. once you get the pan of it is best to clean it up as best as possible so have a clean smooth surface if reusing same pan. be sure to scrape off the silicone and straighten the pan as best as possible if bent. you can use a bench and a straight edge for the underside and a hammer. if its already straight after checking it with a straight edge you dont need to hammer. when your old pan is nice and straight and also clean or your new pan, make sure all the fluid is drained, then with your new gasket, get some silicone gasket maker and evenly spread a decent but not overwhelming amount of it on both sides of the gasket. then, put the gasket on the pan. then, simply put on the rear end. make sure to line up the gasket and pan with the bolt holes. next, tighten up bolts to the correct torque specs in a star pattern. when that is all said and done, if you have a limited slip differential, which you should, take the fill bolt off at the top of the housing or in some cases the axle and fill it with the correct fluid with the correct level. your local parts store will be able to tell you the correct fluid and amount. make sure you get the right oil or you can invest in a new axle.. good luck, its a very simple procedure, but if possible, get it on a lift. if no access to a lift jack your rear tires as high as you can but do it safely my friend