IRS? Good? Bad?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Chowder Head, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Hey all.

    I was thinking about getting an 04 Cobra but I have a few questions on the IRS.

    I've heard a lot about this and "wheelhop" What exactly is this? That is bad I'm guessing?

    Was the IRS a GOOD idea from SVT?

    I've heard something about the IRS limits the power you can have. Or does it mean you can have more? Not sure what is correct.

    On a side note, would this car be good for daily driven status? What do you have to do to shred the belt? If I drive it good all around will it still shred?

    I am very curious on these motors and if I could have any answers to them, I would greatly appreciate it! Also can someone throw in some advice please? Opinions, whatever?

    Thanks again guys! :)
  2. I'll answer to best of my knowledge.

    I've heard a lot about this and "wheelhop" What exactly is this? Quite simply, under hard acceleration the axle/wheel assembly does not stay planted to the road. So it's kinda self explanatory.

    Was the IRS a GOOD idea from SVT? Personally I think so, it was a great step to modernize and diversify the Mustang platform. I think it was poorly executed, and the new S197 chassis isn't much better. :notnice: Team Mustang could have gone with the LS chassis that would accomadate a more modern IRS configuration. :rolleyes: Oh well, it will be an improvement, just not as much as I wanted.

    The IRS does not limit power ... it's a matter of how well that power is translated to the ground.

    On a side note, would this car be good for daily driven status? Yes, some are daily driving with 500 hp. As for belts shredding ..... haven't seen that as systematic problem.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Oh okay that makes more sense thanks a bunch.

    So this wheelhop won't really happen if you drive it easy, mildly?

    Any other responses would be great guys thanks again!
  4. nah it won't happen unless you get on it pretty least for me it doesn't happen unless i try.
  5. Oh one more thing. Is there a way to limit/get rid of the wheelhop? Maybe subframe connectors, shocks, etc?

    Also what kind of suspension do they have stock? And what gear ratio?

    Again sorry about these easy questions, just trying to get info thanks!
  6. to get rid of it you gotta beef up the IRS, with a new crossmember and new bushings i think.

    as for rear end gears, the 04's have a 3.55 ratio in the differential i believe.
  7. Any idea on how much a new crossmember and bushings are?

    Easy to install?

    Thanks all.
  8. i don't know. kenny brown and maximum motorsports do them i believe. i dont think the crossmember is tough to do but the bushings could be :shrug:
  9. Eibach springs virtually eliminated the wheelhop on my 01 as well as my brothers 04. Cheap, easy to install, improved handling and looks. Can't go wrong.

  10. I have eibach springs and sub connecters. This helped but it still bounces around a little under really hard launches.
  11. Springs, shocks, subframe bushings, and differentail bushings will reduce your wheelhop dramaticly.
  12. Chowder: If you want to drive its midnight madness tonight at Moroso. Come down if you want to meet and talk to a bunch of 03 owners. There should bee at least 4 of us running in the 11's tonight. :nice: