IRS poll

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What would you prefer to buy a mustang with?

  1. I.R.S.

    85 vote(s)
  2. Solid Rear Axle

    74 vote(s)

  1. M/T is wrong, the Mach 1 engine uses an alumimum block as did the 99-01 Cobra. The Mach 1 engine is pretty much the same as the 99-01 Cobra engine except for different cams. Having brain fade right now, I know only 2 of the 4 cams are different but can't remember if it was the intake or the exhaust cams that changed.

    If you want confirmation, got to the Mach 1 registry web-site. They will be able to fill you in on all the details there.
  2. I did and I couldn't find anything on the site on engine block.
  3. My personal GT Rollercoaster

    I'm very happy with the solid axle on my 05 GT. It's so cool when I cut a corner fast and zip the rear end straight with the steering wheel after the turn. The GT will push you around in the seat during and after a fast turn :crazy: and make you feel like you're on a fast rollercoaster..... The best thing is no long lines to stand in for the ride.....Yeah Baby.... Lovin it.
  4. Irs

    I'd love to see two options in the GT-IRS and a six speed.