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  1. so my car pulled a 2.065 60 foot on 275/35/18's street tire I am really impressed. even more so 12.12 at 117mph. the rear end has coil overs and is other wise just a stock o3 rear end. I want that 11.99 on street tires so who has the best kit for helping out the irs stiffening for less hop at the line and better handling
  2. The two best choices are Bruce's bushing kit or Maximum Motorsports kit.

    The Finest IRS Delrin Bushing Kit

    MaximumMotorsports has various kits ranging in price...
  3. nice thanks for the reply
  4. I have an 03 and installed Prothane urethane lower control arm bushings and MM IRS subframe bushings, with Prothane urethane spring isolators. Hooks up MUCH better now. When you order the LCA bushings from MM, they send you Prothane's. DEFINITELY buy the $25 bushing removal tool, you will need it! Very time consuming and at times annoying project, there are things you run into that are not explained very well in the instructions that come with the bushings, but it was WELL worth it.
  5. i have an 04 CObra and i used the Maximun Motorsports rear IRS kit with the chromoly tie rods and chromoly sway bar end links. I also put a set of 10.5" wheels with MT 315 ET streets. I also installed steeda subframes and eiback lowering springs ALSO make sure you do an IRS brace.. My car hasnt hopped once since the install.
  6. Yup I'm gonna do the sway bar end links and also urethane sway bar bushings. Those should be the last places left that can deform under load and allow hop, glad to hear you had luck with it!
  7. Bruce's Kit is the only way to go!
  8. sweet love the reply's as I am sure they help all. I think I am going to go with the maximummotor sports front and rear grip package's. It's around or just over 2200 so that being said is there a better kit for the money.
    Bruces kit how dose it compair to the mm motorsports