35th Anniv IRS Swap

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jtm604, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Just bought and Irs and slp loud mouth cat back system off of an 03 cobra. Exhaust is almost brand new and rear has 30,000 miles. Wraping solid rear up and storing away so I always will have it.:nice:
  2. That's awesome. I've heard nothing but positive results from people that have swapped over to IRS.

    I think I'm going to put a panhard on this summer. Getting tired of the awful roads around here kicking my back end.
  3. The roads up in Jersey suck too, I feel like im always going around potholes. I've heard good things about pahards as well from mags and such. I wasn't even in the market for it but i stumbled onto it and decided that I might not get another chance to get my hands on one. Honestly, I was looking for a 12 bolt rear for my LeMans but I'll get that later. I'll try to post pics and ive found a few people that have done it and listed everything so I won't be going into it blind.
  4. I did an IRS swap like 3 years ago. I loved how the car changed but it was a lot of work. (more work than I thought) The only thing I dont like is how much I drag my pipes ALL the time on EVERYTHING. I cant roll a tennis ball under my pipes on level ground. Good luck.
  5. Thanks, I hope to start on monday. I had to order a yoke from Ford and I've been busy with work and getting ready for my race season. To top it off I bought a maisto 2003 cobra and swap the rims and IRS and put it on my 35th model!
  6. Finished the IRS swap today, started Monday (took Wednesday off to be with the gf). The swap was straightforward and only had issues with the spring compressor and brake lines. The springs wouldn't go in with the compressor because the bolts were to long and hitting the frame and lower control arm. After cutting the spring compressor bolts down the springs fell right into place. The other issue I had was with the cobra brake lines. I'm not sure if someone put stainless steel russel brake lines on but either way the threads were different from stock and I had to use mine but they work and don't have any issues. I have to say though the SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust is way to quite and I liked my MAC system alot more. I'll have to post some pics another day.:nice: