IRS to Live Axel swap (99 Cobra)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlackenedSVT, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Any of you guys done this swap before? I am getting a 99 Cobra and am looking to swap to the 8.8 live axel. Not a fan of the 'wheel-hop' i hear about. I mean i guess i'll see first...but im planning the mod.

    Anyone want to swap my IRS for your live axel (i should probably ask the GT forums though)?? And does anyone know where to get a 8.8 live axel for a 99 cobra from a store, if i can't trade with someone? :shrug:

    Any input would be helpful, thanks guys. :flag:
  2. Plenty on here have done it, including me. It's easy as long as you have some mechanical skills. Basic hand tools will get the job done.

    I would find a willing person to trade. The cheapest I could find one to buy was $850 from Mustang Parts Specialties. A local junkyard wanted the same amount. Then you have to go get a catback, driveshaft and so on, it's way too much.
  3. Yup, try to swap first...if not, you can order from the Ford catalog. Get an 8.8 assembly, and then you will need new springs, shocks, catback, driveshaft, might as well put some better 31 spline axles and diff in there, get some 4.10 or 4.30 gears.....maybe some upper and lower control arms. :D

    That's what I did...just upgraded it all at once and never looked back.
  4. what it cost you 99SVTaddict?
  5. i will swap with you. pm me
  6. Cost? No idea, can't remember. I'd have to pull out the invoices.

    If stang976 will swap with you, then you can upgrades parts as you need to...or can afford. That's your best bet.

    I want to say with all new parts the cost was somewhere around $ I said though, can't really remember. :shrug:
  7. My IRS is laying on the floor in a local shop. I got lucky and found a 2000 GT rear end in a collision body shop junk yard. They had no idea the value. I offered $300 and got it for $350.00. But I do think $800-850 is a more realistic price.

    This is optional, but I also added Moser Axles and an EATON POSI both 31 spline. I also upgraded the control arms.

    You will need to get GT Brackets for the brakes (reuse the cobra ones), not sure the cost.

    So, I got a 8.8 IRS just sitting, with GKN Stage III half shafts going to ebay soon. Also got Delrin IRS bushings, and Pauls IRS brace with K Brown Alum Bushings. PM me for more details.
  8. well i would PM you...bit i have an IRS, i want to swap it to a live axel :) so not interested.