Electrical Is 2 Gauge Too Big?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MikeH686, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hey guys getting the last little bit of wiring done in the car. My question is I'm tucking wires and running a new wire for my starter going from the solenoid to the starter by the inside of the fender around the radiator support and back down the other fender to the starter so maybe 10 feet max is 2 gauge wire overkill going to this? And I haven't ran the small wire for the start solenoid on the top of the starter ( hi torque mini starter) I was think 12 gauge for that. I'm rewiring the starter solenoid to use a smaller relay and distribution block for all the power wires on the body ... any help would be appreciated here
  2. I guess bigger is better than smaller. I believe I used 10 gauge for the smaller wire, btw. I used 4 gauge for the starter power wire. IIRC, these were the stock sizes when I replaced them.

  3. Right I feel as though my routing added to much length to it unless 4 ga. Stock was overkill
  4. #2 and #12 will work fine. I ran #4 and #12 myself. The mini starters run less current than the older bigger starters, so you can use smaller conductors, but bigger is better here except for the small increase in weight.
  5. Larger wire is good, you're running yours a little longer than stock. Larger wire=less resistance, less voltage drop. You may want to use the same gauge wire from the battery to the solenoid too.
  6. Yeah I bought a 59 foot roll of it so I'm gonna use it as much as I can I'm gonna make two grounding straps as well on each side of the block in the back going to the body .
  7. 2ga is a good idea if your battery is in the trunk.

    If you have any left over, let me know. I'll buy some off you. I'm gonna need some 2ga from my starter to my accessory terminal posts.
  8. I might not Scott but I got this from tractor supply its was relatively cheap and they had terminal ends right next to the wire
  9. Wire size current table:
  10. jrichker I like that table I don't know though how many amps the starter draws
  11. My educated guess is that you made the right choice with 2 gauge wire...
  12. I figured that just wanted to reassure myself haha thanks and since I'm talking bout thus what amp rating should I get for the starter relay 30 or 40?
  13. The control side of the starter is not a high current circuit. A 30 Amp relay and 10 gauge automotive grade wire should be good. Use automotive grade wire because it has a higher temp rating for the insulation.
  14. good to know whats the insulation rating because i can get wire from a supply house. So like a thhn? Just was wondering.
  15. I personally prefer GXL & SGX wire. Both are SAE approved for automotive use in engine compartments. Good resistance to chemicals as well.
  16. OK I should be OK with the two gauge it was welding rated
  17. Yea, I'm using 1/0 welding cable for my battery cables. Some prefer not to use welding cable in automotive applications, but the price was right and it will definitely get the job done. I bough GXL for all my circuit wiring (14-18ga stuff)
  18. Right I thought you would need bigger then me because your probably double length of run. RacEoHolic330 you know where to get a 40 amp relay that can go inside my fender like waterproof or resistant? Or would it not be a problem