Is a 700 horse 351w (418) streetable?

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  1. magnafuel quick star 300 if it makes under less then 900 prostar 500 if it goes over...

    the prostar 500 you may have to mess with the bypass on the pump to get the pressure down low enough. id have to talk to our tuner to see what size he drilled out the bypass on the coupe to. he couldnt get it to flow enough out of the bypass to get the pressure down low enough
  2. Thanks, I would say the quick star 300 would be fine. Do you think there is a chance that it will produce more then 700 horse? I don't want to spend all this money and then it all go down the drain when the block splits if it does produce more then 700. This is why I went with the c-9 block.
  3. depends... the coupe makes around 950ish on the motor but its 14:1 compression and has a .988 lift cam with SC1's. we should pick up some more when we go to the new carb.

    kinda of depends how crazy you get with compression and how big of a carb you slap on her
  4. I spent alot of money on custom diamond pistons to keep compression down, I think I'm going to push 10.5-1 with the 40cc heads, or it may have been 11.5-1, can't really remember now. The pistons are 36cc dished. The carb will be either 1000 cfm or 1050.
  5. you should be ok then with the 300...
  6. btw... changing plugs with those big canted valve heads BLOWS! number 8 you need to go under the master cylinder to get to. so i hope its got manual brakes.
  7. I have another question for you! When I purchased the jesel rockers (used) they did not come with rocker stand bolts, do you know what size these would be so maybe I could pick up some type of ARP? I think they are 7/16 but what thread count or length?
  8. It has maual brakes and they suck, that another thing I'm wanting to convert back, with 5 lug disks.
  9. wait till after you do the motor... cuz you may want to leave them after you see how hard it is to get to the plugs ever WITH manual brakes
  10. Will do,, thanks for the info. Did you happen to see the question about the jesel rocker stand bolts?

  11. yea im going to have to talk to our engine builder about that one...
  12. Def make a progress thread about this one
  13. I will keep you all updated on it. I just bought a built c-6 with a 3500 stall, with flexplate, yoke, and dipstick, for pretty cheap. The guy converted his Fairmont over to powerglide and no longer need this. So now I have a 302 with a T-5 for sale. When I bought the car the guy said it has a 292 cam, and I'm thinking he said it has gt40 heads too,, but it has a cast intake and 2 barrel.
  14. just an idea of the room youll have
  15. Wow,,, thats what I'm talking about! I hope that mine only looks half that good when done! You may have just killed the progress pics though, lol... how am I suppose to back up something like that...:D,,, I'm just a poor union carpenter that has invented a Dual laser bow tuner, for bow tuning.
  16. haha no need to compete with that thing... when the motor was set up it was the best of everything that was needed or allowed by the NMRA SSO rules. he could go sheetmetal and twin carbs now though. the foggers alone are more then most people have in a long block...
  17. Yeah I noticed that!!!! It's sweet! I just want a happy medium, if there is one. To cruise town every now and again, and drive it to the track to outrun some of the trailered cars, as I say that,, mine will probably be trailered as well incase something breaks.
  18. ive yet to find a happy medium in anything i do... i always end up going over the top
  19. It depends on what you consider "streetable". I make around 600 hp on my 347 NA alone. But I have 13:1 compression, alcohol, and turn damn near 9,000 RPM.

    Fact of the matter is how do you drive 700 hp on the street? You don't. I wouldn't go with a manual with that much power. Once you start getting in the 500+ realm, it's counterproductive.
  20. I am picking up a built c-6 with 3500 stall on saturday, you must have missed that thread. Thanks for the info. What kind of numbers are you running?