Is a 700 horse 351w (418) streetable?

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  1. Haven't ran it at the drag strip yet. On motor I might be able to get in the 9's. 10's easy. With a 400 shot I might be able to get into the 8's (but I doubt it).
  2. Ok,, this is going to be a slow process. My motor is still at the machine shop so as of now all I have is boring pics. I have no help so everything is being done by myself so here is where I stand as of now: 87gt002-1.jpg
  3. The stand bolts are 7/16-18 and they have special12pt heads to fit down in the stands to clear everything, call Jesel for a set it will be the cheaper alternative to contacting ARP direct.

    Wild combo, streetable is all in the eye of the beholder most 700hp street cars are not NA. Those components would really like high compression NA, along with a lot of rpm.

    srt is right no room, and a PIA depending on the header you have..

    90coupe, FWIW I just took a stock Zx3 cobra computer up past 7800rpm with a SCT chip with no issues ;)
  4. Thanks for the info on both threads Rick. Should I be worried about my c-9 block with what I'm building? I've done a ton of research on every move I've made so far and feel comfortable so far on it, but maybe I have missed something. I am basing my build off of a popular hot rodding build they done on a 418, and it shows what parts he used and what he spent on all the parts. They spent $8200 on the build and produced 676 horse on pump gas. I am trying to beat both of these, money spent and horse power. I think I will do it with all of the knowledge here.
  5. Pretty cool thread. Look forward to seeing how you come out.
  6. I picked up the built c-6, trans plate, tci 3300-3500 stall, yoke and external flex plate that I can not use, and an adapter for a b&m shifter. Do you guys think all this was worth $400.? I know the guy that rebuilt it and is legit. The guy also said it has gone a 7.0 in the 1/8 mile. Deal or no deal?
  7. Any properly working trans is worth $400 easily.
    The converter alone probably cost that.
    So i'd say it's a very good deal.
  8. Do you guys think that it's a must that I go with a 7qt oil pan with a hv pump? Will a stock looking dual sump pan suck dry at 7300 rpms? Thanks for any imput.
  9. Definitely go with a 7 qt pan and an oil accumulator. The pump depends on how much clearance you have when you build the engine. In MOST cases you want a regular pump, but in your case...

    Hold on let me look up a part number...

    On this pump the case is beefed up as well. It's not the RPM that you're worried about, but all oil going to one side of the pan on a launch.
  10. Thanks for the info, and this pump will work on a 351w? It's listed for 289-302 thats why I ask. It's hard for me to see $250 for a pan, so hearing it from someone else makes my decision much easier.
  11. No, my bad. I was thinking 302. lol

    Melling 10833 Melling Select Oil Pumps & Pickups

    Part number fail. lol

    As far as the pan goes, I have a Canton unit myself. I think I paid around $300 for it plus $40 bucks for the pickup and dipstick. It's not cheap, but it's cheap insurance (if that makes any sense). When you go with big projects you can not go cheap! You were talking about a $9,000 engine. $300 is nothing compared to that.
  12. question... what do you plan to do for headers?
  13. I've been searching for a good deal on the yates header from the nascar teams, but I really not even sure they will fit in? I'm thinking I can use 351c headers as well. I do have a set of long tube BBK's off the 302 that I could have a piece cnc'd to bolt to the block, and then bolt the headers to it? I don't know, what are you thinking? I know I need 2" with atleast 3 1/2 in collectors.
  14. I love the fact that you are building this car to keep you busy while you are laid off from work for the winter!:hail2::D

  15. im thinking you need to custom make a set.... :D

    i will see if i can find any pictures of the ones off the coupe
  16. coupe018.jpg

    doesnt help these are using a 4 inch collector... but its what makes power.

    5 gold stars to who ever can name what block that is :)
  17. Thanks Scott, Last winter was the same situation and I got bored real quick! So this winter I got this bright idea :D, and now I'm thinking I've bitten off more then I can chew. But if Bass Pro shops takes my new invention ( you will be seeing one bad Mustang gt. Funds are tight for this type of build.
  18. Great invention! Hope Bass Pro does pick this up! Wont be needing one as MI leagalized cross bows for deer hunting. Bought me a Parker cross bow last fall and love it! Where you from? Looks like a nice clean car, not from a salt happy climate!

    Again good luck and hopefully you can keep this project going with your limited funds.

  19. Thanks again Scott, I'm from Bloomington-Bedford Indiana area. I've never shot a cross bow, but could imagine it would be as fun as shooting my bow. Once I start something I usually don't stop on it till it's done so as far as funds go,, the project will keep going till finished.
  20. Engine Block = RDI??? :D