is a 85 5.0 worht puttin any money into?

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  1. Hey guys/gals.....I am new here and a avid lover of stangs. I just never went hi-po with one. More show that n go. Anyway, I just bought a 85 5.0 from an old guy that has like 80k original miles for 500 bucks. It seems to be in very good running condition (completely stock). I am going thru and replacing common items like starter, battery , alternator, tune........

    My question is. Is this year even worth trying to make a beast out of? I dont hear much about the carbeurated 50's these days. Should I hold out and wait to getmy hands on 88-93 50? Or can something be made of this year as well? Also where do you guys start when you hi-po your cars? I am thinking on adding headers and tricked out exhaust first (well as tricked out as I can get in Cali).

    Any info appreciated......and I just got my "jeg's" catalog today too.
  2. I wouldnt think twice about putting money into it. You can build a badass engine fairly cheap compared to a fuel injected engine. Plus carbs looks alot cleaner in my opinion. (engine bay wise) There's a ton of guys on here with carb'd 5.0's. They'll chime in.
  3. :stupid: there are tons of high performance carbed 5.0s out there! It is definatly worth putting money into!
  4. No, it's not worth investing in. POS. You never should have bought it. I can help you out though! What you need to do is this: sell the car to me. I'll give you 100% more than you paid for it, cash. You'll be ahead, then you can go find some dime-a-dozen aero fox like everyone has to spend it on, and I'll take the poor, unwanted, worthless four eyes off your hands. Sound good? No? OK, how about 200% more than you paid then?

  5. Latley it seems like for guys are going to the "four eyed mustang" (four headlights) A lot of people want these cars now. I would invest some money into it but I wouldn't go bonkers. I would get some nice paint and wheels on it, and just add some minor engine mods. It will only get so fast through, until you actually dig into the motor itself.
  6. I'd love to get an old carbed 4 eye and build it up. A lot simpler and cheaper than fuel injected, not to mention they are a lot cheaper to buy now too.
  7. yes mod it, will respond well to mods and much easier to get power from a carb motor.
  8. I'd jump on it for 500. I paid 1900 for my 85 w/ 32000 orig. miles. I quit keeping track of how much iv'e put into it in the last 2 yrs. I always loved the way 85-86's looked, plus its a 20 year old car. Its getting collector status and look how many pre 87 cars get made to look like 87-93 cars
  9. I'm happy with the way mines performing. Looks bone stock except for pony wheels and can be a solid high 12 car N/A if I launch it well. Carbureted stangs are awesome :nice:
  10. wow, thanks guys.....I actually went to this dudes house bout parts for my 67...then he had this sitting around.

    Where is a good place to start as far mods? Shoud I start with exhaust and go up...Or carb and manifold and down. I know there are many ways to go about it. Not looking for the definitive way... Just want to get an idea for what others have done.

    Just looking through my "jegs" and it seems all the goodies start the 86' years. :fuss:
  11. Another 85 gt carbed guys here. I have only light mods. The car runs very well and will hang with most cars on the street. Of course I dont try to mess with any drag race stroked out classics I see. I would highly recomend you do a gear swap up to a 3.45 if its the stock rear or 3.55 in a newer 8.8 axle. It really gets the carbed 50 into its power band and is still very drivable. I daily drive my stang and get between 20-24mpg every tank. For a 20 year old car that gets driven hard fairly often, that aint bad. Check out for specialists on 4 eyed carbed stangs. All in all, its an engine that has alota potential with the HO engine espically if its a T5 car (more extreme cam). Have fun.
    Joe E.
  12. I love my 4-eye stang :cheers:
  13. Heck yes it is worth it. It is a late model compared to my carbed 79 and my 82 non GT.

    You 85 has the best of several things, it has a roller cam with a carb and Duraspark, a five speed, easily upgraded ac, etc.

    I have 265,000 miles on my carbed 79, and plan on keeping it forever.
  14. Don't be fooled about all the "86+" stuff in the catalogues. Most of that stuff works with any Fox body stang (79+) you just need to modify things slightly. For example, to run true dual exhaust like the 86+ years all you have to do is replace your single hump tranny crossmember for a dual hump fit.
  15. No prob dude. Ill look around and see if I can get the rest of the freebe's linked up too.

    I got a set of cobra Rs off ebay. Set came with a 17x8 F and 17x9 R with 255-40-17 tires. Mounted and balanced. I think I paid about $650. shipped. It was a year ago so I cant remember exactly. But I threw them on and have not had 1 issue with em in a year + time. I would highly recomend a 255 tire. handling is alot better. I also added sub frame connectors and they helped alot too.

    The rear gear upgrade got this car into its power band nicely. I can jump from 65 to 85 in no time flat on the highway just due to the rpms being in the perfet power range to maximize efficiency for the motor.

    Have fun with her dude. They are great cars. Oh if your not in a smog area, search for short belt options to cancel out the smog pump. Not a huge jump in HP but every bit helps. Espically cheep mods.
    Joe E.
  16. you need to go over to, you'll learn more than you ever thought you would about your car, and chat with other four eyed guys.

    what part of cali? that's where I'm from

    the 85 only has dual exhaust, going into a single exhaust y pipe, back to dual. the VERY first mod should be to correct this ford mis sight.

    one suggestion, since you are from cali, keep ALL the stock exhaust parts. good news is the 86-93 true dual exhaust is a straight swap. you can use an 86-93 factory or aftermarket headers in conjunction with any 86-93 factory h pipe or aftermarket pipe, in conjunction with any factory 86-93 cat back exhaust(mufflers) or aftermarket.

    SO, you can go wild and buy everything aftermarket from the headers to the h pipe to the mufflers and tips, or just scavenge a complete stock setup from an 86+ stang. Just grab the 86+ trans x member, and the exhaust hangers from the body, and it's a straight swap.

    technically, it's not legal to change the amount of cats, especially in cali. You'll be going from I believe 3 cats on the 85, to 4 with the 86+ style. However, you likely won't have a problem at the smog stations.

    next I'd go with good rear control arms, 3.73 gears, then a better carb/intake.
  17. Thank you v8 only. I am located in Oakland Cali. I am going to take your advice on the exhaust. I normally change that first anyway, but I will look for a 86-93 x member. I am pretty excited about this, normally I just paint and get the interior done. This is my first hi-po job.
  18. Nope, useless junk. They're slow. Can't find parts, and nobody drives/likes four-eyes. However, to spare you any more shame and embarassment I'd gladly take it off your hands for say ........ $700?