is a 85 5.0 worht puttin any money into?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by webshot, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Thx man.....I dont plan on hittin Sears Point Raceway or anything. But I want to be able to kick some serious bootay on the streets yet drive to work and set off alarms in the parking with my am a simple man.

    Just need to know where to spend my $$$ for the best bang for the buck...Been reading this forum all day.
  2. Looks like an 84 to me. If there's any question about the difference click my Imageshack link.
  3. you know say 84/85 on the pink looked at the slip until now....
  4. Yeah thats an 84 front end...
  5. There are some big differences between the two years. The 85 was the first year to use the roller cam and factory headers. Also, the 5 spd was beefed up some. I believe 85 was the first year for the World Class T5. Your car still has potential, just make sure when it comes time for a cam you go with a flat tappet cam. As far as exhaust is concerned you still need the double hump trans crossmember. Everything else remains the same.
    Unless the front end was changed, you have an 84.
  6. i wish i would have got an 85 in the first place....i just got through converting my 88 from efi to carbed
  7. kinda of a bummer......yea the door jam says 84, after readin a bunch of posts it seems it is a uphill struggle to get a 84 up to par, with the tranny, clutch and other differences.
  8. still a nice car, is it a ttop?? No doubt, you could turn a profit on that car still.

    the engine is a NON high output engine, and the t5 isn't a world class. Some stuff to think about it. You'll easily get $1500 for it or more if it runs though.

    stick with the four eyed cars, imo, go get an 86gt.
  9. That has t-tops. You should just put a new motor in it and a better tranny..
  10. Yea I think I am going to go ahead and put in the paper or The car runs perfect except for the alternator issues. Yes it has t-tops. If anyone is interested feel free to make an offer.
  11. Hey Webshot, hang on to that '84! Alot of guys on here seem to think that if it doesn't have a roller cam and ab 8.8, it's junk and you can't do anythink with it.

    Here's some things to consider:

    A flat tappet is cheaper and can make just as much power as a hydraulic roller,
    7.5's are tougher than most think and will be fine in a street car, T5's, in general are weak, but even a non-WC will hold up on the street if you take care of it, and yes it still is an HO engine.

    The only downside to an '84 is the cast pistons, but as long as it's tuned properly and you're not dumping a crapload of NOS or boost on them, they will be fine too.
  12. It looks like a very nice example of an '84. If it were mine, I'd look into buying an '87-'93 model that may have been crashed and swap the entire drivetrain into it. That would save you a lot of money because you won't have to buy many individual parts.

    If you don't have the time, patience or skills, sell it as a whole. You'll make some money on that one.
  13. You have already found out that you really have an 84 as you see our grills match. My 84 is a daily driver and won First Place in the 79-93 Daily Driver open class in the National Mustang show back in May. It has ~245,000 miles on the stock T5.

    My paint scheme is stock for the 84 GT. I left it mostly stock looking on the outside and inside.

    A few pics in shows this year...
  14. Oh? October 3rd, huh?
  15. CHIME!

    Lets put it this way: I converted my 1991 aero EFI to a 1985 4-eye carbed.

    Long live the 4-eyes!!!

    Carbed motors are SO much easier to tinker with than a fuel injected motor for the simple reason that you can actually get at the top of the motor and there arent wires and hoses everywhere. Plus the fuel system is a small box with springs and jets. Easy to understand and modify.
  16. Yep.
  17. I wouldn't sell that car if I were you. $500 is still a great deal if not a steal. It has lots of potential. Just because its not a roller cam dosen't mean it can't be built. Not to mention, you can find a junk yard 5.0 roller for around $300, freshen it up, find a set of heads used, throw in a cam and you have yourself a sleeper. Junk yards are full of old 5.0 parts.
    Like I said, lots of potential and possibilities.

    Maybe even look into a DSS bullet short block. $1500. :nice:
  18. Yea i was talking to my friend and he feels the same. I should keep it and make it one of those cars people underestimate then get their butts kicked.......
    I basically have 3500 on hand to either buy a new 5.0 or fix this one up.....sigh - oh the decisions.
  19. Think about it this way,you got a rare car now.I say mod it and drive it :nice: .
  20. thx man.....I need to run over to 4eyed and get inspired