is a 85 5.0 worht puttin any money into?

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  1. Just noticed your sig- unless someone changed the nose it is a GT. It is also a HO engine unless it has been changed. Yes it's an '84, and now I want it even more knowing it's an '84 t-top- which was my first stang and a day hasn't gone by since I sold it that I didn't wish I still had it. While the engine may not be as good, I like the looks of the '84 far more than the '85-'86. I already made you three offers...
  2. Fortune has smiled on me again.

    stangbear - PM me for details if you are truly serious. It runs great (minus alternator probs) and I can email you pics if you like.

    Well I went to the auction today as planned, and came up on a 88, 5.0 (w/moon roof) with front end damage. Which I won the bid with $400.00. I'll post pics soon. But it needs a front clip and hood and maybe fenders. Bad thing is it is a automatic. Hopefully my automatic has the same potential as a stick.
  3. I think youll have an easier time quickly with the 88. But the auto tranny sucks!

    On the other hand the 84 would take alittle more effort but be bigger return.

    I hope the 84 gets a good home... one way or another.
    Joe E.
  4. if it stays here I will give it a good home as well.

    As far as the tranny (auto). Is there anything I can do to it to make it not suck? Outside of converting it to a stick which I am sure is expensive.
  5. Shiftkit and a different tourqe convertor.. Swap the engine and stuff from the 88 into the 84 it would be awesome then..
  6. Well, I was serious untill I saw you are in California... picking it up could be a problem :bang:
  7. Thats the answer right there. You have your doaner car in that 88. Pull the motor and rear end and swap them into the 84. While you have the motor out swap in a new 10.5" clutch and flywheel. That would also be the perfect time to have your exhaust in place. Do this and you have something special. Strip the 88 of everything you might need and part out the rest. You might just get your $400 back in glass, interior, and body parts. Plus pay for the clutch.
  8. Yea I may consider making that swap. The 88 looks so sweet tho, even with the damage. Interior is in perfect condition. Gonna price the move this weekend.

    In order to get the fuel injected engine into that 84 will I have to get a bunch of new stuff like wire harness...maybe I should start a new thread...
  9. You will have to get an 1986 computer harness or there is a link over at 4eyed for a guy who will retrofit your 88 harness or any 87-93 harness to fit the 84 for for fuelinjection..
  10. Doesn't the 88 have all of the harness and wiring? Nothing says you have to stay with the FI. The motor doesn't care if the induction is carb or FI. Put the 88 motor in and throw on a RPM intake with a nice Holley 600 or 650 and be done with it. The FI motor will require an electic fuel pump and new lines to your tank. All the wiring, electronics and the computer would have to be swapped...... KISS. "Keep It Simple Stupid"
  11. It is a GT? I am confused. I thought all 4 eyed GT's had the "GT" in the side molding by the door?

    Thanks Fish-hawk.

    That sounds like alot of work. I may just work on them independantly. Starting with the 88. But I will keep my eye-out for stuff for the 84, and may use it as a daily driver.
  12. Check your VIN with the Mustang registry to find out exactly what you have.
    I don't remember if the 84's all had the GT markings. I know the 85/86 did.
  13. The '82-'84 GT's didn't have the side GT moldings. They shared the same molding as ALL '79-'84's. This includes the Pace Cars, Cobras, Ghias, GLX's, etc...etc...etc... In '85 and '86, the GT's got new moldings that bolted onto the fenders and quarter panels and included the GT badges.
  14. thx Hissing and FishHawk

    I am going to visit that registry when I get home. Hopefully mine is a GT, I would feel a lil better about it. :)

    Hissing I just checked out your 79, man that is a tight ride....... :hail2:
  15. still wanna go? :p
  16. As was said, the '84 GT didn't say it on the mouldings, but the original sticker kit had GT decals over the 5.0 badges on the fenders, and a big one on the hood near the passenger headlight. It also (except the anniversary edition) had a satin black stripe down the cowl. Since I wasn't shopping for Mustangs in '84, I don't know if that was all just an option or not- but I don't think so. Regardless, only the GT had foglights, as yours does, and it's a completely different bumper cover. Someone may have changed yours though. As much as I'd pay for yours if I didn't live on the East Coast, you couldn't give me a four-eyed LX. I'm really going off the bumper cover when I say it's a GT. You can also tell in the lower left corner of the door tag on the drivers door, under "body" it should say "GT3". If not, tell me what it does say and I'll figure it out.
  17. Are you in England?
    Driver's side.
    See my previous post. There are links to pictures showing this. Or my car in the sig.

    From the factory, they used tape and pinstripes to go down the hood from one side of the cowl, down along the bottom of the grille, then back up the other side of the hood/cowl. I left this off of mine with the repaint.

    Not all GT's came with foglights. Also of note is that there are early and late 84 models with the release of the GT350 20th anniversary model. Early 84 models have the "slapper" traction bars and the three piece rear spoiler like mine. The later 84 models have the horizontal dampers (quad-shocks) and the rounded rear spoiler like the 85-ups.
  18. I dont think the front bumper and stuff was changed. The paints match all over the body and a shop told me that they believe this is the original paint. And this dude around the corner seems to think, the car has been modded slightly. Obvious is the electric fan and the exhaust. He thinks the rear end has been modded as well. I let him drive it and he said that the power being put out at the wheels is not normal for this year to be stock. I need to find a way to check this (any ideas?). This car seems to be shrouded in mystery at this point.

    I'll check the door jam when I get home. And post my findings. I really appreaciate the help and well wishers in this thread.
  19. If there are no tags on the rear end cover then measure the height and width of the cover. Do the same with the 88 GT you have. If its the same, you have a 8.8 rear. If its smaller, its the 7.5. While you have the back of the car lifted on your jackstands, tape a string to the driveshaft. Make a mark on one of your tires with a piece of chalk. With the car in neutral make one revolution with the tire. Crawl under the car and count how many times the string has wrapped around the driveshaft. If the string has wrapped around 2 3/4 times you have a 2.73. If its 3 1/2 times ..... 3.55. 3 3/4 times .... 3.73 etc.