is a 85 5.0 worht puttin any money into?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by webshot, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. lol...fishhawk, man that string tip is like some McGiver stuff...I love it! Good tip, dont think I will ever forget that one.

    Sorry guys I am still bubbling over from all this knowledge on this board
  2. The '85 is a smoking investment... Last year of the carbureted 5.0 Mustang, mean four-eyed front end, old-school look, and even turns 20 this year - a classic! What's not to like? (except maybe the 7.5 rear - easy swap) :nice:
  3. thx c-harris, but it is a 84.....I was bamboozled and thought it was a 85. but I think I made the decision to show it a lil love, now I just gotta figure what is exactly on this car and what the hell is wrong with the electrical (alternator) system.
  4. Have you pulled the alternator and had it tested yet? How about the voltage regulator? If your not sure where the voltage reulator is, it should be located between the shock tower and battery on the inner fender. Pull it and take it into a Pep Boys or Autozone and they will test it for free. Same with the alternator.
  5. yes I tested both.....Both tested fine. I have new thread about it, if you have any ideas could ya help me out in that thread too?

    Many thanks, this weekend is going to be the big weekend I start looking into and using some of the suggestions here.
  6. Forgive my dyslexia- drivers side. I was even looking at a picture of my old car when I typed that... I must really be getting old. I left the pinstripes off my repaint too.
    My point wasn't that all GT's had foglights, my point was that only GT's had them. There's a big difference, and for this purpose it was enough information to draw an accurate conclusion. We aren't doing four-eye'd trivia here, we're just trying to figure out what he has. Keep it simple.
  7. My '84 had crazy charging problems when I got it too... turned out to be a huge short in the engine bay wiring harness. Ford wiring isn't the best, especially in the '80's- my car had just over 100K/mi on it but all the wires were dry and baked. Any serious auto electrician should have a tool that finds shorts quickly, it's not a big deal to diagnose.
  8. In my opinion it is the greatest fox chassis mustang ever built. I got mine for 3000 and it only had 40,000 miles on her. You definately need to swap to an 8.8 inch rearend. I robbed one out of an automatic turbo coupe so it already had 3.73's and a trac lok. My car has gone 13.3's with a full exhaust, gears, carb, and suspension. It still retains the stock heads, cam, and intake and the full stock interior which I also feel is the best interior ford put in the fox cars. I would definately not hesitate to have some fun with that car unless your a collector and are worried about its collectible value. Those cars are going to be worth a lot of money!!!
  9. Already are. I bought mine for $1500 with 122K on it, sold it to a friend a few years later for $3000 with 180K on it, and he sold it two years later for $4000 with over 200K on it- all original. When they're good and clean, getting your money out of them isn't a problem...

  10. for all those who say they are hard to find 85 4 eyes email me i have one for sale for $2000 with alot of work already done
  11. Where you at?
  12. I have an 85 5.0. I have pics in my link.
  13. ok...I got the latest scoop on this car.

    It is a GT, the original owner showed me original pics with the badging and stickers. PLus I verified a few things with the registry....Also it has been painted.
  14. Its good to know a little history of the car. Did the original owner leave it stock or has anything been changed?
  15. I planned on doing your rear end tests today, but got too involved with the electrical problem. He said he sold it to another person which is who I got it from. When I purchased it he actually gave me the original bill of sale too, thats how I found the original owner.