Is a 94-95 5.0 right for me?need help

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm on the look-out for a Mustang GT.

    At first I was into the '99-04 GT's, no question.

    But their prices are still a bit high.
    Then I started hearing about the Foxbodys and their 5.0 engines.
    I just couldt't get into the look though.

    It seems the 94-95 Gt's are perfect.
    Still that mean 5.0 sound but newer body.

    How big is the aftermarket selection for these cars?
    I don't want crazy amounts of power...maybe 300-350 hp.

    Is that do-able without a supercharger?
    Do most of the 5.0 foxbody engine parts work with the 94-95(i.e. heads etc)

    I'd really appreciate any help!

  2. 94-95's are perfect, stock block with a good heads/cam/intake combo and supporting bolt-ons can put down over 300hp at the wheels and tons of torque at low rpms, aftermarket is huge and most stuff is cheap compared to 99+ parts
  3. 94-95 5.0 is great. Mods are alot cheaper too.
  4. Really?

    Where do you guys get most of your parts?

    I bought most of my stuff for my Chevy 350 from summit but they don't have jack for 5.0's.
  5. you can try AMP. But the other guys could probably give you better suggestions.
  6. Oh ok thanks a lot!
    I'll check that site out.

    The other concern I had was the high mileage most 94-95 gt's have.
    Is it dangerous to buy one with 120k miles on it?
    I'd be adding some go-fast goodies to it and probably would have to replace some of the parts anyway.
  7. and are good sites to buy parts from. I also buy a lot of stuff from summit too.

    My 95 had 167K miles on it, still running strong when I pulled the motor.
  8. i buy alota my chit off ebay..have yet to go wrong. my car has around 130,000 miles and still pulls strong!
  9. Oh ok thanks a lot guys.

    I'm looking to spend around 6k max.

    Should be do-able considering the car is 10-11 yrs old and usually has close to 100k miles on it.
  10. 94-95 Is the best Mustang year :nice:
  11. Definately perfect.. the mustang interiors really haven't changed drastically in the last 10 years either (er until this year) so you're good as far as that goes too
  12. summit has tons of parts for our cars. That is where I got my h/c/i from, and probably my mass air and TB.
  13. yes summit has a TON of stuff.
    im lucky enough to live near the summit "store" or whatever u wanna call that monster! before i got my mustang i'd go in that place and just wander around and look at all the stuff! :nice: awesome place! if anyone lives near akron, OH u should DEFINITLY cruise on over there sometime and check it out!! :nice: :nice: :nice:
  14. get a fox :D

    i've owned 3 foxes and 2 94-95's

    There is a reason i now own a fox 5.0 :banana:
  15. only if your a real me :D
  16. cant......stop.......laughing :rlaugh:

  17. You guys are right.
    Summit does have a lot.
    They didn't have a lot listed in their catalogue.
    But on their website they have a lot!

    A Fox is ok as far as power goes, but that front end/headlights....?
    It's cool if you like and I wish you luck with it, but it's definitely not for me.
  18. I get alot of parts from Jegs too, and most of the engine and tranny parts are the same as the fox parts. From throttle out different,water pump and headers. Most of body parts same 94-98 and if not will work. Easy to find parts for and I think the after market will last for many years, I like the 94-95 the only thing I can think of that I don't like is they are heavy,wish they were as light as the fox. :cheers: