Is a cheapo Walmart car cover ok??

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  1. I'm really just using it as a dust cover in my garage. My paint is absolutely perfect and don't want to mess it up. @ $15 I'd like to pick it up. Any reason I shouldn't do it?
  2. I dunno, it might scratch the paint. i need an indoor cover also, but i want to get one that is the softest I can find....
  3. I love my car-cover. I've had 3 diff ones, this is unbeatable, made out of tent material accept 2mm thicker. Graded as storm-proof or something


  4. Well........what kind is it?
  5. That's the thing, was a present. I have no idea - i'll look for a tag
  6. i own the wal mart car cover for my stang.. doesnt scratch.. dont pull too tight on the draw string or you wont have one any more.. its pretty baggy tho

    the ones at autozone look pretty nice also
  7. i have a Noah car cover. it is a great piece but it was also over $200. my car is partially exposed to the elements under my car port
  8. I had the el cheapo at wal mart also. It should work fine for a dust cover! I had mine out in the weather and it didnt last long.
  9. I also have the Noah cover which is made from like 4 or 5 layers of Kimberly Clark fabrics. Its UV proof which is awesome for me because red cars tend to to fade more than any other color.
  10. I got the Wally world one before I had a garage. Didnt scratch but windy days > car cover.
  11. whats the point of putting a cover on it if its in a garage...
  12. Sounds like the walmart one will be the one for me then, I don't need something pretty or for the elements...... thanks guys..:D

    deftsound..... Not that I mind wiping her down, but she can get dusty after having not been drivin for a week or two by just have the garage door open.

    maybe it's a desert thing:shrug:
  13. dude a car cover is a car cover! They all do the same damn thing.

  14. mine get all dutsy in the garage too. also it protects then from people walking by that feel the need to touch :mad:
  15. Um, wrong! I have personally seen a "Wal-Mart" cover scratch the clear coat on the edges of a New Edge stangs fenders and quarters. No way would I put one on my car. I recently purchased a CoverCraft Evolution cover from for $145 shipped. Great cover. Sice you just need something for indoor use, I would consider the CoverCraft BlockIt 200 cover. Seems like it is around $80 or so at Summit, but I'm sure you can find it cheaper. Just my $.02.

  16. +1

    Cheapie Walmart covers might be fine if it's only used in a garage and your car is a museum piece that's absolutely immaculate every time you put the cover on. But if you need to cover it outside, a thin unpadded dust cover will micro-scratch your paint (or worse). Check out -- I had one of their Stormweave covers (about $200) on my GT for 5 years. Stored outside -- rain, snow, sun, everything. Never scratched the finish. Next best thing to a garage.