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  1. I have an 40th anniversary mustang GT convertible and took it to the track last night for the first time. I was disapointed with the times I ran and became eager to start sinking money into modifications for it. I always hear people say convertibles are not worth racing because they are heavier and have more flex. However I really do like the car and don't plan on making it a 9 second car, I just wanna make it fast enough to have respectable track times (high 11's) and be able to have a driveable car to cruise with on weekends. Do I start sinking money into my convertible or sell it and pick up a hard top GT? Please give me your advise and tell me what you think. Thanks.

    j/k... honestly if you love the way your car looks and want it to be faster there's nothing wrong with that. Get some FLSFC's welded in and go for the power mods (gears, exhaust, tune, cams, CAI, upper plenum and TB, etc...).
  3. Track...I assume you mean road course?

    If I were to do track, my pretty worn out 140k mile SVT Contour would probably beat my 12k mile 04' 40th GT Conv...the GT stock or even with some mods.

    Hell, you could probably BUY a high mileage SVT Contour for the cost of making a GT Conv. track worthy.
  4. That would be more of a personal choice for you. I myself, would just keep the convertible and modify if need be to get the results you want. Myself, my wife has the 40th convertible but hers is only a v6. With that, I opted to just go purchase a 2012gt coupe. so we have the best of both worlds parked side by side (of course we got the SUV for the fam).