Mach 1 Is a Mach1 a she or a he?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by hotrodnut, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. I know most people refer to their cars as a "she", I just can't see where the Mach1 is a she though, a she that sounded throaty like the Mach1 would make me wonder if she's really a she :D , if a she could slap me in the seat like the Mach1 does would make me wonder if her strength is on the manly side, if a she could be tossed around like I do the Mach1 and still not be bothered by it could only have manly characteristics, if a she could stand up to the abuse of dumping the clutch and powershifting I'd say she is a mighty tuff she, again a manly she, which only makes me call my Mach1 a he . . . any thoughts or comments on this? :D
  2. A she...... she gives me a ride anytime i want and never complains. She's sexy as hell and she turns heads. She loves attention......
  3. I guess I just think old school. She.
  4. Mine's a she as well, i think my girlfriend gets upset when I refer to the car as my other women, especially cause she's not allowed to drive
  5. it's a he! = )
  6. it's whatever you want it to be....
  7. I refer to mine as a "she". Her name is Senora. Listen to the Harry Belafonte song "Jump in the Line" and you'll understand the name :D Of course, techincally, all cars are an "it" but that sounds too boring...
  8. I refer to my Mach as a she, but I don't have a name for her. Two out of the three Mustangs I've owned I just referred to them by the personalized license plate for them. My '89 GT, no plate, no name. My '93 GT was Gladiator (GLADI8R, way before the Russell Crowe movie), and my Mach obviously CRZYHRS.
  9. Mines a she... and a very sexy she at that, Denise (aka Snow White).

    Kinda like Angelina Jolie or Selma Hyak (sp) they look super hot and they can kick you ass at will
  10. I guess I consider mine an "accessory" to myself....So I'm not sure what that makes it....I'm a chick and I look soooooo much better when in my Mach1!
  11. Nongender here. I simply refer to my ride as "The Mach".

    The only descriptor I have found worthy is: "Beast":D
  12. Yeah, we refer to it as "The Beast".
  13. I always named my stangs in the past. They were all females and had names like sally, lady,cindy, but the Mach is just B#*%H!!!
  14. ours is a she that my wife calls vanessa. my guess is that is the ****iest name my wife could think of. the mach is definately a she. a ho. cuz no matter how hard you hit it she comes back for more. she loves it when you get rough with her.
  15. Its a she unless ur a girl or a queer


    Edit: sorry, I had to be more politically correct or I would have had **** ******
  16. So, what you are saying . . . . to me, my car should be a she, to my wife it should be a he and to whatever you consider a queer, it should be a he also?? Somehow that just don't make sense, that means a male is a male only to a she and a she is a she only to a male, unless a queer is involved? Come on, you got me confused :) :rlaugh: ? If what you say is so, all cars have more than one gender or both in your view, dependent on who's viewing the same car, but how can that be? hummmmm, I'll have to think about this some more and figure out how that can be. :D