Is an '05 V6 a good upgrade from '03 V8?

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  1. Hey all. I am trying to make up my mind to keep the '03 GT I have now (see sig for what I have done with it) or to go with an '05 V6.

    Here's my thoughts:

    I drive a lot. So, I like to have something I enjoy driving, yet something decent on gas. Every month my gas bill for my GT rivals my car payment, effectively doubling it. I feel the V6 would save me some money there.

    The V6 would have less insurance, which isn't a huge factor since i will be 25 next year and it goes down a lot then for me anyway. It would help though.

    I feel the V6 '05 would be a better built car and be more reliable, although I have to consider that the '05 hasn't really been around long enough to test reliability.

    I don't like the way my '03 GT shifts (auto) and I never have and maybe never will, but I can live with it.

    Reasons NOT to get the 05:

    1) I like my V8's torque, especially with the 4.10s.

    2) I've modded my car and put money into it. It's got a great exhaust system and the 4.10s are great. It is great when I want to have some fun with it.

    3) I don't have to worry too much about blowing other cars away (if I ever had to for bragging rights :D )

    4) I don't owe a lot on my car and it would be paid off sometime within the next 1.5 to 3 years.

    There are probably more reasons that I can't think of right now, but given what I've said so far, what do you guys think?

    **edit** sorry, I probably should've put this in talk. :(
  2. hmmm I dont think you will save that much money on gasoline, on insurance you should save a little.
    I think you will enjoy the way this automatic shifts.

    1.I have never driven an 03 so I cant compare. would have to re-mod the 05 then least you arent concerned but it isnt as slow as some have said it is.
    4.are you upside down in your cars value? the 05 is hot(even the v-6)so some dealers are sticking it to consumers.

    If you are happy with your 03 GT and it runs good, I personnally would keep it and wait a few years till its paid off and giving you problems then get 07 or 08? but thats just the practicall side of me speaking and I never listen to it!
  3. If you don't listen to it, maybe I should! :D

    I appreciate your thoughts. The '03 GT I have now I can get more out of than I owe on it by a couple thousand, easy, just by going to Carmax and selling it to them. They have given me very competitive prices in the past, and right around KBB value (usually shy $500 on the underside of a "Good" rating).

    So I could sell the GT to carmax, have a couple thousand for a down payment on a new '05 V6, and not mod the V6 at all are my plans. I'm a little bit tired of the whole mod game, to be honest. At least, for now. :D I've gotten more interested in the looks side of cars lately than the power side. Anything that looks like junk can be fast, so having a clean, nice looking, reliable sporty car has become what is really important to me. I may already have that in my '03 GT, but as I said, I am not very happy with the auto transmission's shifts. I think I should test drive an '05 to see how I like it. That would be the ultimate decision maker more than likely.

    I can either trade the '03 GT for the '05 V6, or I can fix up the looks on my GT and have fun modding it a little more for probably less money in the future than having to pay off a brand new '05. It will probably even out in insurance and gas anyway (more with insurance than gas, I agree).

    Anyone else have any input? Thanks kevins05v-6 for your thoughts.
  4. But you need to take into the fact of the "turning heads" feature of the 05 too :D
  5. this is true

    Yesssss... this I feel as well. I know they turn my head as of the moment. But I do have to ask myself for how long will they do that? For 1, maybe 2 years?

    If I keep it really clean all the time it probably will, and if I get a good color.

    But if I keep my '03, a body kit could be in its future too, and that seems to always turn my head too. But comparitively to an '05? That's a close one.

    Now, an '05 with a body kit... :D
  6. I mean, even some of the older style stangs will turn my head if they've been beefed up some. I almost always glance twice at the late 80's early 90's model years, almost bought one, 1989 302, but setteld for this 05 :)
  7. just get a shift kit for your auto and scratch that off your complaint list, it doesn't cost all that much... I went from a v8 stang to a slower car and I didn't think it would be all that bad... but after a while I realy missed the power and so I have bought another 5.0. But the 05 6ers are suposed to be peppy, so take a test drive or two and that should help answer that question.
  8. I just came out of your shoes. I had a Dark Shadow Metallic Grey 03 GT AOD that I had paid cash for in December 2002. Sold it to CarMax, paid off some other debts, bought a Mitsubishi Gallant with cash, and sold it in 9 months as soon as I got word that there was an 05 in stock at the dealership I buy my cars from.

    I wandered down, saw the Torch Red V-6..called my insurance agent and got a quote (it is actually $60 LESS a month than the 4Cyl. Mitsubishi thanks to the safety rating) I test drove it...told the other fellas, that NOONE else could test drive it. It was mine. I walked out of there with an 05 V-6 in November 04, no money down, interest rate I wanted and a payment that fit my budget with GAP insurance (although this was a bummer after having no car payment for so many years)....with one BIG AZSE SMILE ON MY FACE :D .... The looks the car gets are still entertaining.

    I have owned 3 Stangs (98 V-6, 03 GT and now the 05 V-6) and I have to say that this is the best yet. No complaints, no regrets. Don't look into the gas mileage saving too much though. It really isn't that large of a difference.

    The redesign has produced a completely different car. The Thunderbird/Lincoln LS modified chassis platform, the 4.0L Ranger/Explorer engine platform, the suspension with the reverse L-Control Arm and coil over up front along with the 3 link architecture in the rear on the solid axle are all simply, BEAUTIFUL. :hail2: Rear wheel hop is limited. :nice: It drives as smooth as glass.

    We are still working out a few initial product release bugs. Then again, it is a car, and SH*& happens with over 200,000 parts. It is all in what you want though. I know that I am very happy to be back in a V-6, especially this V-6.
  9. well what do want?

    At the end of the day the V6 is never going to faster than the V8 for the same mods, and will cost you more if oyu do mod it.

    The V8 will sound better, and if its already pretty much paid for will cost you a lot less a month than buying a new car.

    MPG I don't beleive the V6 will make any real odds, as the engine it uses is of a much older design than the V8 and similar capacity.

    Plus the V6 won't hold its money as well in the long term, 5 years from know your V8 will probably be worth more.

    The auto in the 05 won't shift any better than the previous version, what don't you like about it anyhow?

    On the other side of the coin, getting an 05 it will be a new car which is always nice, much better interior and chassis.

    Looks are probably personal, but the exclusivity of the 05 will not last, just as it didn't when the SN95 was released in 94.

    If you want a stylish nippy car the V6 is a good option, if a high end performance car is part of the plans then the V6 really isn't the car to start with unless you plan on selling it for a newer V8 in the future.

    The V6 is capable of decentish power but it will always be an uphill struggle to compete with the V8's.

    Why take a sword into battle when everyone else has machine guns!
  10. damn!! I dont think truer words could be spoken!! Nicely put! :nice:
  11. Went by the dealer....

    I went by the dealer yesterday and looked at a light blue V6 auto. I have to say, that is a sweet, sleek car. It's the first time I've really looked at one up close. Pending a test drive (which I hope to take this afternoon) I will probably make my decision from that.

    I'm not into the performance anymore. I'm just like anyone else when it comes to power - I love to floor it and take off. But, in the end, I just don't do that very much, and I don't race anyone either. I just want a good looking car that will be reliable and not have all the rattles/squeaks, and something that I might put a new muffler on for some sound. That's it!

    I'll let you know how it goes. :D

    BTW, does anyone know what a good interest rate is right now?
  12. let us know how the test drive goes!
  13. Red03mustang

    You should note that the chassis of the 2005 model is a HUGE improvement over the previous versions. It is much stiffer in all dimensions, has better weight distribution and has an improved suspension layout. I have read many reviews of this new model and ALL testers agree that it is a *significant* improvement over previous platforms. As for the resale value, I think I disagree with what 300bhp/ton said. Being a brand-new body style means that this body style will be "current" and new looking for many years. It will most likely be impossible to tell a 2005 model from a 2010 model by looking at it. Typically, the introduction of a new model makes the resale value of the previous version drop substantially (everyone wants the "latest" version). I'm not a car dealer but I believe this trend is accurate for most cars, especially ones which don't change bodies often (like the Mustang).
  14. Chassis improvements

    Thanks for the input NJstangpilot. I do love a car that handles well, and to be honest, I prefer that over acceleration. After all, we sure as heck turn a lot more than we take off!

    I will definitely post here after the test drive. If the car handles beautifully and has a smooth shifting auto transmission, I will be hard pressed not to start talking numbers.

    Thanks for the input! Feel free to keep it coming. The more the better.
  15. Red03mustang,

    When you take your 2005 model test drive, remember that the V6 has just as much performance hidden in its suspension as it does in the engine (maybe even more). Ford "sabotaged" the V6's handling by installing crummy tires, wheels, softer front springs and no rear swaybar. The GT has better tires and wheels, plus a rear swaybar and a slightly stiffer front bar. The front springs are slightly stiffer as well.
    Note that the chassis of both cars is identical, so you can basically just "bolt-on" the GT suspension parts. The result will be slightly better handling than the GT due to the lower weight of the V6 model. Other mods will improve this even more. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get Corvette-level handling out of the Mustang for less than 4 grand.

    I agree with you that excellent handling is a lot more fun than a powerful engine!
  16. i traded in my 01 gt

    for my v6 as soon as i found one that i liked. & i have to say it almost feels as good as my gt. & the head turning factor is there too!! i have someone come up to me at least once or twice a day telling me how nice my car is. its kind of a long way from work hence i bought a v6. the gas mileage is pretty decent. good luck on your decision. ive had four mustangs & the 05 is by far the best ive driven. go w/ the 05!!!
  17. I had an 03 Mach 1. Now I have an 05 VG windveil blue Mustang. Insurance is cheaper and the cops don't pay as much attention to me either.
    Also, the V-6 will go as fast as any human being needs to go. the 05 is also a much better made Mustang, period.
  18. OK! I test drove the '05 V6 today. It is the light blue color with a charcoal cloth interior, shaker 500 system, and an auto.

    I'd have to say I was very impressed, especially for a V6. It only had 11 miles on it, and the salesman was really cool and told me to just take it out for a spin. Usually they ride with me, but he just said he trusted I wasn't going to run off with it.

    I had to be easy with it of course seeing as how it has no miles on it, but wow. The transmission is ultra smooth, exactly what I want in that way. I'd have to play with the seating a lot to get it just right, but I love how nothing is "notched" with the seating or steering wheel positioning. In other words, I can put everything anywhere I want it, no problem.

    The V6 feels like it has plenty of power, and I was pleased with it. Of course it's missing the torque of my '03 GT, but I still thought it was great. As I said before, I'm not out to race anyone with it. I just want something I can buy that looks nice stock, and that if I want to change anything on it later I have the option to do so (such as an axle-back exhaust).

    If I can get them to give me a decent amount for my car tomorrow, I will seriously consider driving out of there with it tomorrow.

    Also, a plus I found out: they are planning on adding silver racing stripes down the car as well as a spoiler! That will make it pretty bad looking if you ask me. I wouldn't have to do a thing to the looks after that. They said "would you want us to hold off on that since you are interested in it" and I said "no, I'd want that anyway!"

    I'll let you guys know. The only issue is money, really. I would basically have to finance it with what I still owe on my '03 GT. They should at least give me what I owe on my current GT though, no problem. The only thing I'm concerned about is the 4.10 gears I currently have in the car. I'm hoping they don't try to cut me on that part of it and say they need the originals, because I don't have them. Although I did order a new set and they should be here anytime. :)

    I'll keep you guys posted as to what happens. Either way tomorrow, I will be happy, because my plans are: buy the '05 and drive around happy and more cheaply, or keep my '03 GT, pay it off early, and start modifying it's looks a bit with a body kit, some racing stripes of its own, etc. Either way, I can't go wrong, and I'll still be a 'stang owner!
  19. I am glad you test drove and liked it! it is sweet!
    Good luck to you today! I do not think they will give you a hard time about the gears, but stranger thinks have happened!
    I cant wait to hear how it turns out!! Best of luck! :nice:
  20. Good luck, I hope they offer you something reasonable for yours.

    The '05 tranny is very similar to my LS tranny. It shifts very nicely. With the 5 speeds, 1st is extremely low and makes the car's overall gearing functionally equivalent to a 4R70W (the tranny in your '03) with 4.10s.