Is an '05 V6 a good upgrade from '03 V8?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Red03Mustang, May 24, 2005.

  1. Hi guys i am in the same boat I have an 04 GT with an auto. I bought the car used and found out the dealer is trying to cover up a few things on it, anyway going saturday to see about an 05 v6 yep I am all about the looks now because I have spent way too much money on mods, enough is enough, and you always want more. so I am going for the looks to build a nice show piece. car will be screaming yellow with dark shadow gray strips with my dark shadow gray cobra r wheels I hope it will look ok. Good luck with your decision. :nice: :cheers:
  2. I think he got the car and is out driving it.
  3. :lol:
  4. Ha ha... nice one Kevin. But, not true. :)

    I decided to keep my '03 GT. I have great monthly payments on it, and if I got the '05 I'd have to pay around $450 a month. When I'm setup to pay my car off in around 2 years at $270 a month... well, you see how it is. I'd rather keep it, pay it off, and then go for an '06 or '07. They'll probably have bugs/issues worked out of them by then anyway.

    I appreciate everyone's input. All in all I probably would have gotten the '05 if I would've gotten payments around $300-$325 a month. But that won't happen unless I can put more down, and right now I can't. But that's ok, I have a sweet ride as it is. So I'm not unhappy! :)

  5. yeah I completly understand about the car payment, I am glad to hear you are happy in your 03 still!!!
  6. Yes, I sure am. I can see an '06 or '07 stang in my future too.

    The '03 is going to get some Flowmaster 40's put on today. :) Swapping my magnaflow mufflers out for those. The 40s will be hooked up to my Magnaflow CB. Should sound good!