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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by herooftheday97, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. I told my friend I would probably be getting the v6 and his reply was "come on, if you're going to get a mustang you need to get the v8. Do you want to drive a muscle car or a girl car?"

    I hate when people say this because the v6 in a sports car is always considered weak when any other v6 models are fine. The v6 is fine but there seems to be this rule that if you're getting a muscle car, you need to go with power. Girls get the car with less power.

    Anyone get this crap?
  2. Like they say - with friends like that, who needs enemies??? :D

    We have the V6 and everyone who has seen or riden in the car was very impressed with the power this car has. There are reasons that folks go with the V6 - some are personal, some are financial but bottom line is, it's nobody else's business. Get what you want and enjoy the heck out of it. Good luck...
  3. I don't necessarily agree with it, but I certainly get it.

    Put it this way, if you where looking at buying a Subura Impreza and you chose to go for the NON turbo 2.0 4wd model instead of the WRX, yet you where after something a bit special people would probably not understand it.

    Now the Mustang is slightly different as it is a very good looking car, so if you only want moderate performance and a great looking ride the V6 Stang is bang on.

    If you want an out and out performance car then the V8 GT is a much better starting platform.

    Also, many of the old Muscle cars where based on very dull and borning cars, the only reason to buy one was the big engine, with out it they where nothing.

    Again this doesn't aply the the Mustang because the V6 is a desirable car in its own right, but many people can not see beyond the speed factor.

    If you take the muscle away from a muscle car, you are just left with a CAR.
  4. This person is just jealous. What's in his garage?
  5. The whole you got to have a V8 or else you drive a girl car is a bunch of BS.
    I used to have that mindset. I told myself I will NEVER own a Mustang unless it's an 8. Now look at me? I guess you can say I ate my own words.

    There is somthing you have to realize. I know a lot of people are in denial about it and living in the past. The technology of engines has leaped forward and is lightyears ahead of what it was just a few years ago. The huge V8 is a dieing breed and the V6 in the Mustang today stock has more HP then the V8 Foxbody of yesterday.

    This is going to continue on in this same fashion. This trend is being driven by young kids who can't afford a V8 car but who want to be fast. It's being driven by Import car makers who target these younger drivers. It's being driven by gas prices that are skyrocketing. It's being driven by a whole slew of things that probably the list could be so long you could write a book.

    Bottom line is that the smaller high performance engine is the future. More and more parts will become available for them. They will be made better faster and stronger and in time the ethic you outlined at the beginning of this thread will diminish.
  6. If the V8 is a dying breed, did someone tell Dodge (srt8), Chevrolet (Z06), Ford (GT and Shelby) and many other manufacturers who still continue to use the dying V8?
  7. I've spoken to quite a few people at shows recently who are pleasantly suprised how much HP is produced by the V6 motor.

    With a few mods the power output can be knocking on the door of the stock GT.

    For now, at least, I'm happy with the V6 as it is my only car & I need the fuel economy.

    The '05 stang is a great looking car so why go so fast no-one can see it? ;-)
  8. Whats funny here, is the V6 in the 05 Stang is actually a much older design of engine than the current 4.6 V8.

    Smaller high performance engines may be the way, but smaller lighter cars will still be needed, hence a V6 Nissan 350Z is still slower then a V8 GT Mustang.
  9. I have no issues with V6 stangs, but be realistic. A Stock V6 can't compete with a Stock GT in terms of performance. And no matter how powerful Ford makes a V6 in the future, the V8 will always be more powerful. When it comes to performance, the V8 wins handsdown. Not to say a V6 doesn't perform well, but it's not a GT.

    Ultimately it's just a question of personal preference and need. But don't kid yourself into believing the V6 is superior in terms of performance (I know you didn't outright say that, but your post does seem to suggest it).
  10. I didn't suggest anything .. I was quite clear .. what I said was ..

    All things that evolve .. evolve smaller ...

    Computers to laptops ... Records to tapes to cd's ... Stereos to walkman to MP3 players... Phones to cell phones ..

    Over time things get smaller more efficient and cheaper. The gas engine will do the same thing or it will go away .. Things like oil prices .. The economy .. Inflation ... The environment.. It's all a matter of time .. Evolution ...

    I wasn't saying the V6 can outclass a V8 of today .. I have some sort of sense .. I was saying speaking in terms of the Mustang that the V6 in this years car can at very least give the stock V8 in a Foxbody era Mustang a run for it's money. ..This is proof that my theory has some sort of merit..

    Thanks for listening .. you can now commence with your regularly scheduled program of jumping the new guys S#it .. :lol:
  11. There's no doubt this years V6 can give an old fox body GT a run for it's money. Ten years from now, the V6 will likely be faster than the 2005 GT. But even at that point, there will still be a GT that's faster than the V6.

    The point I was trying to make is that you should be proud of your V6, but don't discount the quality of the GT. This often seems to be the knee jerk reaction when some cocky GT owner says "the V6 isn't a real mustang". (note: I always try my best not to be one of those cocky GT owners)

    Whether V6 or V8, a stang is a stang and I'm just happy to be driving one.
  12. No prob with the v6 myself, but this :lol: , please!

    Each has it's place, with the 6 being a great idea from price-point all around (base, gas, insurance). Trying to suggest that the v8 will go the way of the T-Rex, though, is just plain silly.

    Don't pay any heed to the haters. If someone offered you the keys to either a Gt or 6, with all other costs being equal, anyone with a brain is gonna take the GT. But all other costs AREN'T equal, so the v6 offers great value and [email protected] fine performance.
  13. No matter what you got, there is someone who's got more--more $; more women; bigger house; bigger pecs, and more horsepower. Good for them; make yourself happy

  14. He's got a '96 camaro (ssz or something like that) with 325 HP.

  15. I love the Mustang regardless if its a V8 or V6. Although I got the V8, I respect the V6. If I had the money, I'd buy both.
    We're all part of the same family.
    Can't we all just get along! :shrug:
  16. After walking off one lot (not once, but twice) because they had no desire to let me test drive a Mustang, I went elsewhere.

    The dealer I bought from let me drive any of the cars I wanted. Started with the standard GT, standard V6 then auto V6 all different colors. It's been 12 yrs since I drove a rear wheel drive car (previous were Honda's 4cyl & V6) the GT scared the whits out of me.

    I finally decided on the Windveil Blue, V6 auto and I am pleased as punch. It has had a few of the troubles other owners have experienced, but all issues to date have been handled promptly and issues resolved.

    My bottom line....I don't care what anyone has to think about the "girlie car". I love it, make the payments and gee am girl to boot. So I guess for those that care, if the shoe fits, wear it...nothing wrong with the smaller size :banana:
  18. hella-sick of it I am as well!!!
    but now I can just point to my drive way or set of keys and say something like well i dont have a GT but i do have TWO 2005 V-6 Mustangs...
    that has been shutting people up lately. :D
  19. Way to go!
    If you haven't done it yet, represent your color in the poll under the S197 Talk forum. The subject is called "V6s Represent".
    The poll ends on 6/24/05.
  20. Not to offend anyone but the V8 has not always been the hottest motor in the stable. Look at the Turbo Coupe Thunderbird vs. the V8 of those years. What about the Super Coupe vs. the V8 of those model years. The Mustang SVO was a helluva car :nice: It wasnt a V8 but, it woke up quite afew V8 owners. They always remarked how cool those tailights were :hail2: So never say never. I have an 06 V6 on order not because it is better or worse than the GT but,because its alot less. If it were just on performance I would skip the GT and move up to the Shelby. But this gen Mustang is an awesome car no matter what the model. Long live the Mustang!
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