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  1. if you absolutely have to buy a new car and can't afford the extra 5 grand or so i figure the V6 stang is a pretty good alternative to neon SRT4's and the like.
  2. Shoot you got that right... Neon is still a neon is still neon o_O
  3. Does anyone know how much lighter the v6 is than the v8?
  4. ...and why is it that the same people that make the most racket about you not getting v8 at work or wherever seem to drive and own boring four cylinder cars? or is it just me?
  5. "If the V8 is a dying breed, did someone tell Dodge (srt8), Chevrolet (Z06), Ford (GT and Shelby) and many other manufacturers who still continue to use the dying V8?"

    The viper, corvette, and Shelby dont account for much of the sales for those companies. The GT... well the mustang brand is really the only thing selling for ford at the moment. We dont know about the shelby yet but I cant wait for the "why did you get a GT and not the GT500???"
  6. hey you know what you are absolutly right, i never really realized that before but now come to think of it they usually are.
  7. My dad went to the dealer today to get information on a gt500. He is going to be getting one, im super jealous.

    BTW, the dealer knew nothing.

  8. According to Ford Specs:

    Total dressed engine mass:

    V6 - 405 lbs ~ .518 HP per pound
    V8 - 421 lbs ~ .712 HP per pound

    To the 'evolution' comments earlier.... Things evolve to be more efficient, not necessarily smaller.

    The V6 is an older design and the HP per pound efficiency shows it.

    However, I still really enjoyed the V6 that I had got to drive for a day.
  9. 210 HP is not chump change. In 1993 I bought a new Eagle Talon AWD Turbo. No one mocked that car. It had 205 HP. I have seen 0-60 numbers for the Mustang V6 at 6.9 in car mags. Ths motor is no slouch. Anyeay, not enough GT's to go around.
  10. Kind of hypocritical you pointing out "boring four cylinder cars" in a thread about people saying "you should have got a GT instead of that girlie V6".
    :rlaugh: :nonono: :shrug:
  11. I say get whatever car you can afford and be happy with. But I have already seen some people that got V6's that caught the performance bug and then was upset with what is available/achievable. If you have friends with Z28's and modded GT's, you are pretty much sitting on the sidelines if it is track day. I fell in love with the sound and torque of the V8, and as long as I am buying a car from an enthusiast stance, I will stick with the GT. But if I am just looking for a budget commuter with good looks, the V6 is a great option.
  12. Some would say that a Mazda 3 is a budget commuter with good looks. Some think the Chevy Cobalt is a budget commuter with good looks. Some might even think the standard VW Golf is a budget commuter car with good looks.

    The 05 V6 a budget commuter? The car has 210 HP that can be easily and fairly inexpensively modded to give modest improvements. Even a 10% increase brings it to 230hp, that is not budget and it is performance in many catagories.

    The '05 V6 is a performance car by many standards. It does not approach the performance of the GT. But then, the GT does not approach the performance handling of a Honda S2000 or the speed performance of the new Shelby. Does that mean that the GT does not offer performance because there are other cars out there that outperform it.

    If I am looking for "budget commuter" I am definitely not looking at the V6 Mustang -maybe the Honda Civic, Mazda3, Suzuki Aerio - $15k and 30+mpg. The 05 V6 is a fun, good looking, and quick performer compared to most 6 cyl on the road, but is not a very good budget commuter car.
  13. I was not implying that all four cylinders are boring, give me a Lotus Elise anyday :D . I was talking about a group of people who have such high expectations about the car that I buy, yet when they went shopping for a car these high standards for lots of power must not of excessed because they picked a boring looking 4 door Accord, for a example. Now I know you made that "girlie V6" comment because you are looking for a fight. My only question is why?
  14. The point of most of the peep's who bought a V6 was due to Budget (Insurance, gas, monthly payments, final price). So to say it is not a budget option is not true. Although it may be peppy, the 05 V6 Stang is not out there as the performance choice as you seem to be describing, that would be the GT.
  15. It is quoted as the theme of this thread, not what I think.
  16. If I had two V6s, I'd trade them in for a GT and spend the rest of the money on mods
  17. sigh.....why we V6 owners even post here is beyond me.
  18. If we were smart we would have rescued a 200sx from a junkyard instead. I say we all invade the Nissan forums and tell them what they should have bought. That would make perfect sense.
  19. My intent is not to suggest it is the premium performance choice.

    What I am proposing is that it is a farther stretch to call the 05 V6 a budget commuter than it is to say a car that can do 0-60 in 6.9 a performance car.
  20. Im personally beyond the point of caring guys. We have nothing to prove to anyone else. Im so sick and tired of the whole battle of "ITS NOT A GT SO ITS A POS" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Who cares!?

    I for one and going to keep right on modding this car to my hearts desire, and every chance I can get. I dont have to prove anything to anyone else here, or defend myself because of the car I drive. Im secure with the car I bought, and more than happy and confident with it.

    Ill stick it to everyone else on the track. Id suggest ya'll do the same.
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