Is anyone here anymore?

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  1. So ive noticed that there doesnt seem to be as many people here as there were a few years ago before I left for the military. Just got my SVO all running good and new engine in it after its sat for three and a half years so Ive been terrorozing town in it happily. I must say I am always sad to get out of my SVO and hop into my 94gt its like getting out of a go cart and hopping into a luxo cruiser :(. Heres a pic of the two together :)

  2. Cool cars !!! As for the number of people I would have no idea because I just joined a Couple days ago.
  3. Posts are few and far in between. Not much action on here anymore. I still surf it when i check out the 5.0 tech and talk, but hardly any new posts.:(
  4. More activity in tech nowadays :shrug:
  5. New Guy New Post!

    Although I'm new, I've got a real issue to wrap your mind around!
    Check out my post in the Technical section!:SNSign:
  6. An SVO is supossed to handle like a gokart kinda. It was designed with the intentions of road racing. Hence the high hp small engine.
  7. I know...Thats why I said I was "sad" to get out of it and get into my 94...
  8. I don't come here often, but yep 2.3 guys are still around :)
  9. stock drive line 4 popper

  10. Driver

    This is my everyday driver last year I put over 35,000 on this car with no problem
  11. :nice: :worship:
  12. Just popping in to say hi! I drove mine everyday to work this week and let my DD Grand Prix sit. Its just amazing the differences between new and old. The stang just feels like it wants to run, but the GP has creature comforts. Got to get some miles in before winter hits.