Is IRS a dealbreaker?

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  1. I was afraid to put IRS in the title because of the sticky that was posted for newbies but I'm curious.

    I've never owned a Mustang but I saw the front end of the '05 GT and was smitten. I haven't preordered because I want to test drive the vehicle first before I buy. The other cars that I've looked at and have test driven were the G35 and the GTO.

    I know that the 05 Mustang GT will not have IRS. When I test drive the '05, what differences am I going to feel versus a sports car that has IRS? Will I feel a difference?

    Did the lack of IRS become a deal breaker for any of you out there?

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. You may feel a difference. But no one has driven the new 05 to say what the differences will be. With the redesigned suspension it is going to be hard to speculate what amount of difference there will be. People will know more about the handling differences when the car is out.
  3. I agree with SVTDriver, and, in addition, the Mustang, save the SVT, has always had a live axle. Ford kept it this way because the die hard Mustang enthusiasts wanted it that way, albeit, some speculate it was to keep cost down. I don't doubt that played a role. In summation; IRS is always a better handling configuration, but there are a ton of other factors that can affect handling. Just keep this in mind: The real difference between the Stang and the G35 & GTO is the Mustang delivers real American Muscle Car Power; the others try. Remember: the G35 has 260 horsepower and 3.22's in the rear... yuck, even with the 6 speed.

    So, no, IRS is not a deal breaker for me.
  4. I think your going to find with the stiffer chassis, better weight distribution & the 3 link rear that the car will handle quite well. A well designed 3 link is a great setup for a live axle.
  5. "Just keep this in mind: The real difference between the Stang and the G35 & GTO is the Mustang delivers real American Muscle Car Power; the others try."

    Are you saying that about the GTO because it was built in Australia?

    Also, is the '05's redesigned suspension a lot different from what is on the 04's?

  6. There are many people here who are not all that impressed with the GTO. Don't get me wrong. While it is a nice car. It is totally uninspiring. And it is having a hard time being accepted by the general buying public. As is seen by it lackluster sales (Though people have a lot of reaons for it not selling well).

    Yes the 05 suspension is significantly different. And the chassis is greatly improved.

  7. I have to admit that the body style of the GTO is very bland. The interior though I thought was very well thought out. The engine sounds and feels great. But the body.....ho hum

  8. The coupe has 280 HP and going up to 295 for 05. I would really like to have one (as a beater :D )
  9. I could live with that beater :D
  10. The GTO and G35 may ride better not because of the IRS but because they are both "luxury coupes" more so than the Mustang GT.

    IRS in general will offer a smoother ride, but a lot of it has to do with how the suspension is tuned. (ex: Cobra vs. Lincoln LS).

    Isn't the Lincoln Town car live axel?
  11. I was saying that strictly because the GTO wasn't around for a while.
    And, my understanding is that the new suspension is significantly different. May use some of the same components, but done more logically and with current knowledge. Remember, the old Stand suspension dates back nearly 2 decades....
  12. I wasn't saying that IRS would RIDE better. IRS will handle better. More even weight distribution on tight corners, keeps the wheels to the ground in extreme maneuvers, etc.
  13. Isn't wheel hop during acceleration an IRS problem?
  14. not always. i had some wheel hop in my car before i got the steeda subframes. one wheel would hold down and cause the other wheel to hop a bit.
  15. as far as IRS being a deal breaker, i really don't think it should be. if you can't wait for the IRS but want a Mustang, you most likely will be able to upgrade to the IRS at a later time like you can now with the 94-04's.
  16. I won't know if IRS is a dealmaker or dealbreaker until I drive the new Mustang on some curvy roads that have bumps, and there are lots of those around here. I have no complaints about the way my Mustang rides, but the live axle can certainly provide for some lively moments in the twisties.

    You can get wheelhop with IRS under hard acceleration. Since I'm not a 1/4 mile guy, that doesn't matter to me. The improved handling does.

    We'll just have to wait until we drive them.
  17. Depends on how hard you are accelerating. Most of the time it is not a big problem. But with a lot of hp and trying to launch. Then it can be a problem at least on stangs. But this new suspension from what I have been reading. Shares nothing with the old suspension. So it is all up in the air.
  18. Not too sure if this is going to answer your question, but Ford used the G35 and BMW 3 series as benchmarks to measure the handling characteristics for the new Mustang. It has been said, that the front suspension is very similar to the BMW 3 series, which is quite a good handling car.

    Ford has also been saying that "It will be the best handling Mustang ever". Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, especially when you look at the handling in the Cobra and R models. Now I know that it's not going to pull 1g like an R, but if it rides better than a '03 Cobra, I think we are in for a treat.

    Also, I believe the last generation (not the current) of the Audi A4 (2000), which was known for its handling, had a 3 link live axle set up.
  19. Actually for me, having IRS would likely be a deal breaker
  20. No IRS is a deal "delayer" for me, possibly could turn into a deal breaker.

    I am not running out to order a '05 Stang, instead I will be waiting to drive it and see if it rides accepably. If it doesn't, I'll wait even longer to see if we get a SE with IRS that is NOT a 400+ S/C SVT model.

    I may wait even longer to see if Ford has the brains to offer options such as a GPS navigation system, climate control etc, or makes a Mercury variant that has such options.