Is IRS a dealbreaker?

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  1. Well here's what I know. The flyer for it has the concept. Bill Smallwood I believe is one of the head organizers which was who I talked to. He said the 05 was going to be there. But he said it was the one on the flyer. But I do know the 05 was in tacoma this last week for Ford training at the tacoma dome. And since this is something like the largest mustang show in the pacific northwest. It would really surprise me if it was not there. They had the mstichrome there last year before it was available.
  2. And apparently according to Bill. One of the engineers from tema mustang will be there Friday for ponytrails to talk about the 05.

    Special guests attending past years’ Roundup events include Bob Perkins (Perkins Restorations, MCA Head Judge), Jim Padilla (COO, Ford Motor Company), Steve Saleen (Saleen, Inc.), Ford Special Vehicle Team (Ford SVT), John Clor (SVT Engineer), David Dempster (SVT Engineer), Mustang Monthly Magazine, and vehicle appearances by the Boss 429, Super Stallion, Saleen S7 and the 2005 Mustang.
    Though this information is a little confusing sine the 05 has never been to the show yet.
  3. I guess I'll plan on heading up there. I'll be pretty pissed off if the '05 doesn't show up :D. Seems like Ford hates the PNW for some reason, we have a lot more enthusiasts around here than some of the places they've already taken the '05 to.

  4. I hear ya on that one. I just figured I'd let you know. Rather than say afterwards that you missed it.
  5. I never said I wanted Nav standard, as long as it's an option I'll be happy.

    As someone who spent his high school years working in a gas station, nav systems should be mandatory for the dumbasses that would stop in and ask for directions. The worst were the a - holes who were hoplessly lost, 20 miles or more from where they were trying to go. Then they would start yelling and swearing at me because I couldn't tell them exactly how to get to some little side street no one has ever heard from 4 towns away from where we were. Even worse was some of these morons would get pissed because the directions to get to where they were going were too complicated. Like I was the one who left home without a clue where they were going and got them lost. And of course these Bozos would get real pissed if you tried to take care of a paying customer before you gave them their directions. :bang: :bang: :bang:

    If I could have charged for directions I would have retired rich at age 20.
  6. I understand that. But speaking form my point of view. As a professional truck driver. If you don't plan your route before you leave. You deserve what you get. And to say that Ford is behind the time. When all of it's competition doesn't offer it. Is just wrong. They are not behind the times. The are current with all the others.
  7. Well said, but I don't think GPS will be an option for quite a while, if at all. I mean, I can see no aesthetically pleasing place for the screen. And, I doubt they will make seprate dashes for the GPS option takers, so I would presume that it won't be an option... at least until 2007MY.
  8. Not to follow along with the thread at all but actually get back to the subject.... is it just me or are about 75% of the 03 cobras around my area swapped out to a GT solid axle for a reason.... or do these guys just like downgrading to "old technology" and "making their cars cheaper" ?
  9. They swap it out to help with wheel hop and other launch issues at the drag strip.
  10. On top of the dash, right in the middle. Just like other cars (i.e. Mazda3), you put in a flip up screen. When not in use, it's just a dashboard. Hit a button and it pops up so you can see the screen.

    I'd consider it if it were an option. But they tend to cost around $1700 or more, which is a lot of money. I like the Pioneer one with the screen in the dash. Can't tell it's there unless you want it out, and then it just pulls out and flips up.

  11. ok.. the easiest way to put the screen for the GPS in, is to replace the radio and have it all in one like lexus does....touchscreen... :nice:
  12. That is why they should bring back a version of the 5.0 LX. A stripped down mustang with a V8- cheap speed. This is one of the main reasons that you see all the rice around now. Back in the day you could get a stripped 5.0 fox LX for 12,000. They keep making the mustang too heavy and too expensive.
  13. I agree 110%
  14. They keep making the mustang heavier because customers want more features. Read the rest of the threads on here. People are talking about wanting navigation, IRS, Climate control, etc. The bulk of the people I have seen on here don't want a "stripped model" As far as cheap speed. What other cars have it's power cheaper? I can't find a lot of V8 cars for under $25k
  15. Same here.
  16. As much as I like the sound of a "stripper" version of the stang with a V8 in it. It's also a double-edged sword. By making all of these things standard in the mustang it allows them to keep the price of the stang down. My main concern is price.......the more things they stuff in the stang and keep the price where it is, the happier I am. I love the idea of a "stripper" but I still need things like A/C, CD player, the more things standard the higher the resale value of the car will be. When trying to sell a used car, its extremely hard to sell it with no creature comforts, because there's so many other stangs out there with them. NOW BACK TO THE TOPIC!
    Even being a big techno geek, and coming from the import world, I still think forgoing the IRS is a big plus for drag racers, because of its reliability, so it doesn't bother me one bit.
  17. Not having IRS on the GT is definitely a deal breaker for me. It's completely unacceptable these days to have a solid axle, considering what else you can buy for the same price.
  18. Yeah one more not buying one. Better odds of me getting one now. Sorry you don't even want to wait for a test drive to determine if it's a deal breaker. But well no I'm not. One more person not on an allocation list.