35th Anniv Is it a LE?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Russ34, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. I am trying to find out if my 1999 Mustang is a Limited Edition. The VIN is
    1FAFP42XXXF123910. I also would like to know what number of production it is out of how ever many were made of that LE. Any help will be awesome.
  2. Go here: Mustang35th : Facts and Figures Page

    Does it have all the items listed? If so, it's almost certainly an LE. If not, well it might still be . . . there is a segment of the ownership group that put on different wheels, different hoods, different front ends, different spoilers, etc. I guess they're still LEs, they just don't look like LEs any more . . . . .:nono:

    I'm sure Jason will be following up with you.

  3. Russ,

    I checked your VIN # with the database I have for the 4,628 Limited Edition GT's.
    Your VIN is not among them, you have a standard 1999 Mustang (GT I assume)(no shame there).

    Thanks for taking an interest though.

  4. Thank you for the info!!