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  1. thats weird i dont go back and forth a ton but ive seen at least one every single time theyre pretty cool looking with a navy blue and silver paint scheme
  2. Here we don't havy any nice cop cars :( Just the crown vic's.
  3. I've seen suburbans, impalas, crown vics, camaros, bikes, you name it. And Crai-zy lives in fairfax?? Geez, I'm only in woodbridge. I'd think you'd see a couple around at least. But then again, I am always looking around for po-po's. I'd like to keep my license points at zero... :cheers:
  4. Happens to me all the time. You pass a Ricer and THEN they speed up. I had one try to flag me down once after I passed him. But the best one was a really old lady in a BIG buick. She was holding up traffic and as soon as I passed her she seemed to find the gas pedal and rocketed foward. WTF!?
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  6. :rlaugh:

    Maybe she was searching for a booty call?
  7. Oh, I see all sorts of cop car variations in fairfax. i was just saying that I've never seen anything but the vic's and impalas on my way down to tech. Hell, I've seen an unmarked Wrangler on the parkway with someone pulled over. I've also had a camaro pull up behind me when I had a ricer on either side at a light around 2:00am. I saw camaro lights and was glad to stick to my original instinct and not try something stupid with the two idiots revving on either side of me. I did find it amusing to watch the camaro go tearing after them though. Seeing ricers pulled over just gives me a nice, bubbly, warm feeling inside.
  8. We have Fords. All white with and without roof rack lights. Big blue stripe down the side and in yellow letters it says Jefferson Twp.
  9. I had one yesterday afternoon on my way to work. Newer Jeep Cheeroke (not the new new one). I'm cruisn at about 60 and in my rearview mirror I see this blue Jeep put on it's blinker and pull ahead of me. I'm not about to let this fly so I get ahead then have to stop for a light. Jeep pulls up and I hear 2 girls giggiling about how fast they were going and one said "See, I told you he'd probaly speed up." Needless to say I left a trail of rubber at that light afterwards :D
  10. "It's not just ricers, EVERYone does that to me.."

    There you go Red98, seems like it chops their meat to be passed by a 'Stang. I'm an older guy and have disciplined myself thus; I pop in a Jimi Hendrix CD, do the speed limit, set the cruise control and the rest of the world be damned 'cause there ain't nobody else in the world but me and my Pony. Another thing I dislike is to be at a stop light and some jive-a** in a rice bruner start revving his engine and I know I can burn his ricer big time.

    You young folks, please, always remember the old saying, "Discretion is the better part of valor." In this case it means, don't think with your gas pedal foot and I know it hurts to be humble but don't let some jive-a** lure you into getting a speeding ticket because they are expensive and your insurance premium goes up. I've owned a lot of fast cars including 'Stang GT, 'Vette and Porsche and it has taken a lot of self discipline but I'm 65 and the wife and I haven't had a moving trafic violation in over forty years, so go figure, hence, our GEICO insurance premiums are VERY low.

    Heck, kick back, look like the King of the road cruisin' in your 'Stang, be cool and don't let the jive-a**es know they worry you and that's the worst thing you can do. Hey folks, YOU are driving a very unique piece of American history and they know that and you do not have one thing to prove because the fact you are in a 'Stang tells them "you da' man" anyway. :nice:

    Having owned a lot of fast cars, I can tell you this; Our 96 stick shift V6 is a WOO-HOO-HOOT to drive and we enjoy it very much and you will have to spend a heck of a lot more money to get the drive, performance and pure driving fun you get in a Ford Mustang. Also own a 04 Ford Taurus 24V engine and it is *very* quick but not nearly as much fun as the 'Stang. We drop the top on our old Pony and nice people at the stop light give us a lot of thumbs up while the dip sticks turn their head and look the other way because it chaps their butt cheeks they don't have a 'Stang. Sorry 'bout that Dude, . . . maybe next time . . . . :)
  11. Good advice Huney :nice: Sometimes I won't race if there's a chance of getting caught by a cop because my insurance is already sky high.
  12. AMEN, '66 coupe preach it!!!

    i'm glad somebody else feels me on this!! and not only ricers but rednecks too :rlaugh: !!! most ricers around here are all show and no blow, but there are a couple blown ones that give the Rice Fly By (but last i heard one of those dummy's threw a rod :nonono: ). It's my local "Rice Patti" (as one guy on here at the forums calls it).

    As for the Rednecks go, when I go to pass and swing around them they make it a point to "re-pass" me. So I naturally stay side by side with them while using them as a speed shield. The duration of this on average lasts about 1-3min (given whatever road we're on, if it's an interstate ex. I-81, about 3-5min, I mostly travel the SW VA & NE TN parts, and haven't saw any marked camaros yet!) When they get tired, oh boy yes the tailgating comes into play :D ! thats the best part of the whole process!! when they tailgate you, SLAM THE LIV'N HECK ON YOUR BRAKES in repeated increments. its not your fault if they HIT YOU! :lol: ! this normally takes about 30 secs for them to understand what your doing and what will happen. Usually they back off and keep a distance of 5 car lengths back!
  13. Yup, that's how I plan on getting more money to mod my stang :D
  14. mm... when I get tailgated on a 2 lane road i slow down until they get the idea that their being on my ass will only slow them down. As soon as they back off I shoot back up to a reasonable speed.
  15. I think ricers should be outlawed.
  16. They kinda are around where I live; you can be ticketed for having aftermarket exhaust. Retarded if I say so myself.
  17. On Mtv a bunch of ricers where getting fix-it tickets for all the mods they've done. They were complaining about the cops, and while it was kinda stupid, it was funny cause it was just a bunch of ricers.

    I like how Mtv and all the video games make it look like street racing is all imports. In my hometown, all the ricers would meet up on the North side, and just sit in a parking lot and show off their wings and sound systems, while all the real street racers met up on the South side in like their Mustangs, Camaros, WRX's, even classic cars. Kinda funny cause it was like the people on the North side, were avoiding the "big boys". :rlaugh:
  18. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Kinda funny cause it was like the people on the North side, were avoiding the "big boys". :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    Well, no body likes to have their ass kicked repeatedly. So you try to avoid it.
  19. Well we had some fun today. Quick91LX organized a cruise for mustang owners in the North Jersey, PA, and NY area. At one point we pulled over to let everybody catch up and a SRT-4 buzzed by and everybody yelled at him and flipped him off. Then an Acura snuck by and took off, a Honda or two, you know the usual ricer crap.
  20. man... here in texas, most of the "ricers" are really just Sh***Y cars with wal-mart parts... Not that i'm a racist of any kind... but since i do live in texas, most are owned by wetbacks who drive 50 in the left lane of a 70 zone... WTF!? 8" tailpipes that sound like weed eaters and real spoliers that are taller then the roof of the car.. it's hilarious.. as for police cars... the Texas State Troopers around here have some F-150 Lightnings, supercharged camaros and mustang GT's... I've even seen a very awesome State Trooper Z-05 VETTE!