Is It Just Me.........

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  1. Or do ads like this aggravate everyone else as well.

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    I emailed him when I noticed the pics did not match what he said in regards to a GT 40 intake. He responded back with "that is a GT 40, it's the ones that come in the explorer." SMH. So I kindly emailed him back and gave him some correct info a pictures. Explorers have explorer intakes, GT40's are tubular, and you have a stock intake. I also felt it necessary to remind him that these cars only made 225HP, that unless he is spraying his car, there is nothing listed or picture to suggest he was capable of 380HP. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but ads like this annoy me. Someone piled it on high for you, don't do it to someone else.

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  3. Links that do not work aggravate me
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  4. The seller is obviously full of it. That is a stock 5.0 intake.. From what I can tell it has a stock throttle body, stock injectors, stock MAF, and an underhood open air filter. Tell the guy to provide a dyno sheet supporting 380hp and you will buy it for $3800. Otherwise he sells it to you for $1000.
  5. Alas, there will always be "strokes".

    I had my fill of them while I was young working at a speed parts store, and I still have to bite my tongue on numerous occasions when I stumble into a conversation at (insert venue) where the guy had a car, or had a friend w/ a car that "pulled the wheels", Ran 9's in the 1/4, and made 750 HP.

    Out of a stock block small block chevy (W/ double hump heads, pop ups, and a full race cam)

    That guy probably thinks that thing makes that power because he has nothing to reference it against other than the wifes' grand caravan.
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  6. That strut tower brace and shift knob gotta give like 50hp.

    The taillights and pipes aren't one of my favorites. Engine looks hideous. Paint looks decent but even a maaco or earl scheib job would look good fresh out of the booth. Oh and I love the gauge under the ignition switch that you cant read unless you look at your right foot.
  7. Definitely not a GT-40 intake, it's a Trick Flow track heat intake! What a moron. :nonono:

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