Is it possible for any mustang to beat C6 ZO6 on a street?

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  1. Is it possible... YES.
    There are alot of dumbasses behind the wheels of these hot rods (both the Z06 & our Mustangs). It is very hard to launch a 500+ hp 3200 street car on radials. Take advantage of that! It is very easy to get excellent short times in these Mustangs, on the street and strip.
    Crappy drivers can make awesome cars look like ass.

    Run across a Z06 with a descent driver, and we'll all get killed every time.
    Run a Z06 any distance near a 1/4 mile and the hp will do some talking even with a novice driver that is remotely used to his car.
    Run one stop light to stop light in an ~1/8 mile distance and it CAN be done if you take care of your business in your car during the first 60 ft.

    All these "this car" vs "that car" comparisons are pretty dumb really. Any driver can make great cars look ****ty, and any driver can make disadvantaged cars look great.
  2. It would be tough for sure. You'd need a seriously modified Mustang.

    This guy just ran as 10 second ET in his ZO6 in Maryland last weekend. His ONLY mod was the addition of DOT DR's...

    I WILL own one of these cars.... SOON!

  3. you guys seriously think every Z06 owner out there can drive his in the 10's or even 11's? We all know the capabilities of that car, but you gotta be able to drive what you got. Some people magazine race too much. I'll bet 60% of the Z06 owners can barely tickle the 12's because their 60's would be in the 2.3 range.

    The sport of drag racing is 80% driver and 20% car.

    For all the glory that we know is the Terminator, and through all the records we have seen some Terminators breaking, have you guys been to a track and seen how many Terminator drivers have their pullied/chip/exhaust Terminators still stuck in the low 13's???
  4. The same can be said about EVERY car/driver.

    In instances such as this, with all things being equal as far as driver skill are concerned... it would still take a heavily modified Mustang in order to beat one of the new ZO6's on the street. It's simple math. The power to weight ratio of the ZO6 makes it tough to beat. :shrug:

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  6. You know, I brought this up at work and now I'm thinking it wouldn't be as tough as you would think.

    For instance, Chris W., my manager has a [gasp!!] hatchback honda civic with a 1.8L 4 banger. He has some serious weight reduction; however he also has the thing turbo'd. Two years ago at Milan he chewed off a 12.6 on street tires. ...A 12.6 with a little turbo'd 1.8.

    For an even better read, here is a street driven Cobalt that runs in the 9's!! (Another one runs 7's!!) When you read the thread, you'll see that basically this car's just turbo'd. **Video is crazy, and is great quality**

    Soooo, why should it be so hard for a car like a Mustang, which has significant HP & Torque advantages stock over these prior examples to be modifed to beat a Z06?
  7. Is it possible for any mustang to beat C6 ZO6 on a street?

    Yes of course it is......... KB & whipple 03/04's have already done it
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    This makes me laugh. They can't pull anything better than a 12.9 out of an 840hp s/c mustang when I just pulled a 12.9 out of my 2005 Mustang with only FRPP Shorty headers, brenspeed o/r h-pipe, C&L CAI and a canned Diablo tune...all on the stock 235/55/17 Pirelli Pzero's.

    If you don't believe me, I'll scan the slip sometime here soon. In the meantime, here are the numbers.

    R/T ... .208
    60' ... 1.958
    330' ... 5.493
    1/8 ... 8.404 @ 85.00
    1000 ... 10.880
    1/4 ... 12.969 @ 108.14

    Point being, that Livernois Mustang is MUCH faster than what they are are probably all of those cars. I personally think that the Livernois Mustang could keep up with the Z06, if not beat it.

    Edit: Here's a video for now. And like i said...with the right driver I think it could definitely be a reality.
  9. 119.7 MPH
    Is really sad for that Mustang with them Hp #
  10. Some of your replies really ****ed me off. I asked you is it possible to beat C7ZO6 on the street not on the track. :nono: That's a HUGE difference!
    So please, don't tell me stories of some mustangs doing 11s on some tracks. Get that baby on a ****ty street (like in here, in Las Vegas) and see if you can hook up. If you can't- then there's no way to beat the vette.
    That data from magazine article (posted above) proves that it's impossible to beat a stock ZO6 on the street (given both drivers are equal).
    I'm not saying that mustang is designed to compete with ZO6. By all means no. They are in diferent categories. Simply put, mustang was designed to be a muscle car- a nose heavy burnout machine. And no matter how much money you put in this car or how much HP, (unless you make it all wheel driven car) it will never beat C6ZO6. MotorTrend article proves it.
  11. I'm sorry but I disagree.

    Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY condoning this type of street racing. I am just using this video as an example of what can be done. I have not and will not do anything of this sort on a street, especially a street that is as busy as this one was.

    If you don't feel like downloading the video, it is a blazer doing a wheel stand on the street.

    Basically that video proves that you can get traction on the street. If you throw enough money at a mustang it can and it will beat a stock C6 Z06. Give me 60-80 grand and I'm sure I could make a Mustang that would walk a Z06 from a roll and a dig on the street.
  12. Yeah, but that blazer was doing a huge burnout. Most street races occur impromptu at the long enough stop light.
    I guess one way to beat ZO6 is this:
    1)Drop in a sickly modded engine, having at least 800hp.
    2) Put on some Viper-like wide wheels (335 width tires) in rear.
    3) To get some traction on the street, even out F/R distribution, put some sand bags (400 lbs total at least) in the trunk. The car will be even heavier, but with proper balance now.
    4) Some luck, b/c you always need it.
  13. ... or just find a Z06 with a ****ty driver.
  14. That's what I meant by saying "some luck" :nice:
  15. Just a question. If you are so sure there is no way a modded mustang could beat a Z06. Then why ask the question?
  16. Being a mustang fan myself, I would like to see somebody proving that I'm wrong.
  17. But you make these absolute statements like. "And no matter how much money you put in this car or how much HP, (unless you make it all wheel driven car) it will never beat C6ZO6" Which (I am not trying to flame you or anything) do not sound like you even want to hear evidence that one could it. And yet I bet with the same amount of money the Z06 costs. I could build a mustang to beat it.
  18. Right On !!
    Thats the "Ford" attitude to have :D
  19. Traction on the street is not that difficult. I see regular joes running around on their drag radial all the time. If you have ever driven on them you know they don't need a big heater to get a significant launch off any light. If your talking about dusty azz vegas streets thats one thing, but in the heat of the summer in any other location the streets are not quite so ****ty.

    If we are talking about tossing money at a mustang and allowing that to happen in order to beat the Z06, then be realistic - it can be done given the infinite dollars you can spend.

    Lastly if the mustang ain't hooking, neither is the vette - end of story.. It's gonna be a pedal fest out of the gate, and if you properly built your infinite budget motor, your gonna leave the vette. How could anyone believe otherwise?