Is it possible for any mustang to beat C6 ZO6 on a street?

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  1. WOW! I can see now that I'm dealing with a retard. Outlaw 10.5 is a class in the NMRA. Do you know what the NMRA is? 10.5 is the tire size. Street legal Mustangs on 10.5 inch tires that run in the 7's. Geez! I hope you don't own a Mustang. You're an embarrassment to the Mustang community. Go trade your GT for a Focus or something. Then you will have a good excuse for being the moron that you are.
  2. remote mount turbos , adds any extra weight to the rear of the car. increase the boost to desired power level. we can go on and on about how to do it, but the truth of the matter is that nobody is gonna be building this car anytime soon, so it is all speculation.
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  4. Hi everyone

    I haven't visited this site in more than a year. I have owned a beautiful modded (347) 1983 mustang for near 20 years. In 2002 I bought a brand new zo6 and never looked back. I actually just sold this mustang last winter since I hadn't even driven it more than 100 miles in close to 4 years. I absolutely cherished this car believe me it was hard to sell it. Now finances are a bit better again and I just traded up for an 07 ZO6. Picked her up this August. I can tell you that even with over 400 hp in the old mustang I owned it had a hard time keeping up with the 02 ZO6. I think with some drag slicks and a long straight road it may of been close up to 100mph. After that the Z would pull past. End of race. The 07 ZO6 pulls so much harder than the O2 you need to drive it to believe the difference. I recently had it at 254kms per hour or 160mph and it was pulling real good still. I had to let off the gas, my buddy told me he didn't want to die:D Anyway to answer your question about a heavily modded mustang beating a ZO6... Possible, but unlikely unless it had the traction to go with the power. I love both cars and sometimes wish I hadn't sold the mustang. I just need a bigger garage I guess.
  5. Greg your set in your ways and this is a moot conversation now. There is no proof due to the fact no one here has beat a Z06. Not enough testing has been done either. As far as a recipe many have given you one and you have argued everyones point. The conditions you have give for street racing are almost non exsistent so that is also moot. You never have those conditions. Besides I don't know any people who have 500+ HP cars that want to street race, they are too mature.
    Now I got back to my if you are so against Mustangs and for Z06 there is only one thing to do, get a vette and stop baggin on mustang (which you say you love).
    This is the second thread you've been warned on and I bet it wont be the las!!!:owned:
  6. Take $40K and a stock mustang and you can beat a Z06 but that takes nothing from either car they are both equal.
    The fact remains that the Mustang is everymans car and the Vette is considered a Super car for a reason.


    (Just make sure you read the whole thread before anybody makes any character judgments about the 06 Mustang owner)
  8. :lol: who is that guy anyway? :rlaugh:
  9. hehe, I just wanted to make sure nobody thinks that I believe I can outrun any Z06 out there :)

    Just wanted to prove that a poor driver can throw magazine racing out the window. :banana:
  10. I remember reading awhile back about a newer Mustang with a V10 swap. I'm sure some of you can recall it also. Didn't that runs 10's? I'll do some research to see what I can find.

    ****I found one of the article's on the V-10 powered mustang, here it is:****
  11. Hey, I was just at Wal*Mart and was looking at the magazine section when I saw an issue of "Ford Builder". In the current issue is an article about an '03/'04 Cobra that is running mid 11's. The guy that has the car has nitrious on the car but hasn't run with it on yet. The magazine said that would be sure to lower his times.

    I think this Cobra is proof it can happen; plus, I think one of the earlier people to post said it could be done with a Cobra.
  12. Is it possible to beat a Z06 on the street??? Very!!!!! Anything can and does happen. Car mods, driver skill and road conditions apply to both cars. The one thing that the Mustang severly lacks is power to weight ratio. The '07 Z06 comes in at 6.2 lbs/hp, bone stock!!!!! In the past 15 years the 2 best Mustangs bone stock in that category are the '04 Cobra at 9.4 lbs/hp and the '05+ GT at 11.2 lbs/hp. Take the GT for get anywhere near the Vette's level say you drop 100 lbs and take the hp to're still looking at a 7.2 lbs/hp ratio. Much closer, but that takes some serious weight reduction considering to get that kind of power you may be using a blower or turbo which ADDS weight. Nitrous would be a better addition in that case. The Cobra could drop 100 lbs and add 150 hp and get to 6.6 lbs/hp.

    After much work to the Stangs to get to that level...just make sure you don't run up against a Z06 whose owner as also opted to add some go fast parts as well...

    Day in and day out it is VERY possible to beat one, but not probable.

    NMRA Factory Stock has run [email protected] That is more "real world" Mustang than the Outlaw 10.5.
  13. That just proves that it can be done by someone willing to put some decent money into it. As I stated earlier lighter suspension and driveshaft give you almost 150lbs off the car. Throw in some light weight wheels. And even with an S/C you are still 150lbs lighter. Without even going for carbon fiber bodywork.
  14. I think it was determined within the first couple of posts to this thread that it is very possible to modify a Mustang to a point where it will beat a stock 07 ZO6 on the street. It was also stated this could be done for less money than the cost of a new ZO6. Then again with enough money I can modify a Ford Festiva to be faster than a ZO6 too. :rolleyes:

    I currently own an '03 Cobra and I still plan on dumping it in the very near future for the new ZO6 now that I'm able to afford one. The ZO6 just out classes the Mustang in almost every conceivable way. Like I stated before... I'll take a high 10, low 11 second factory street car with a 100K factory warranty over the pony car any day of the week.

    /end thread

  15. GM did a GREAT job with the C6Z. To run that fast from the factory and have a warranty is almost unbelievable.

    That is a great comparison! I'm glad to hear it come from a Mustang owner, because I've posted video of me racing Mustangs and other cars that make more power than me on other sites and always hear that person couldn't drive, or you jumped first, etc. My C5 makes 420 RWHP and I have several friends with Mustangs that make way more power and I beat them pretty bad from a roll. I'm not saying I never lose, because there's always someone faster, but for a N/A car, mine runs pretty good. The new Mustang is pretty heavy and that has to be taken into consideration. You also have to think about aerodynamics, etc. I raced a friend of mine in his C6 Z06 and he killed me. I've personally seen these cars go low 11's on street tires and high 10's on dr's with no other mods.

    I also drive the Mustang mentioned from the Motor Trend article quite regularly and that car, without a doubt would beat a C6 Z if it could hook on the street. That article didn't say what really happened (caused by driver error) but that car is a rocket. The 1/4 mile times were calculated using the standing miles times, but didn't seem very accurate for any of the cars IMO. I personally ran faster in that car with only bolt-on's and a 75-shot before the S/C making almost 400 less RWHP (as can be seen in the video link in my sig).