Is it risky to buy 05 mustang this year?

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  1. As a first model year car, I was wondering how many bugs 05 Mustang will have. :nonono:
  2. It's risky to buy ANY new car the first year. Interestingly, the '65 Mustang was a notable exception to the rule. One of the very few.
  3. To be more accurate, it is always risky to buy ANY Ford ANY year! It is just a chance we Mustang fans must take... :D
  4. unfortunatly, this is somewhat true....

    I had less hassle with my 89 MR2 with 195000mi on it then I did with my old 99 Taurus SE, and 99 Coungar I had befor my stang...:nonono:
    I guess if I want my car to be reliable, i should have bought Toyota huh?:(
  5. One thing that we have going for us is experience. Ford has introduced some of technology already in the F-150. And the Mustang has been delayed for some time also. So I'm really not afraid of frequent breakdowns. My main concern is performance enhancements. :D
  6. Yeah, how's that new F150 working out?

    I think you should be worried if you're planning to buy an automatic.
  7. A lot of the Mustang is rebadged Lincoln LS stuff, but a lot is new. Especially the drivetrain. The longer you wait, the better.
  8. I got a 2000 Lincoln LS a few months after they came out and had ZERO reliability issues with it. The only problem I had with the car came from something the dealer messed up on it. I had to get the Ford field rep involved, but Ford made good on it.

    I had many Taurus company cars between 1987 and 1999. Out of over 10 Taurus's only 1 car ever had a problem. It had a bad computer. After a lot of fighting with the dealer, Ford had them replace the computer. It spent so much time sitting at the dealer it had very low mileage on it so I bought the car for my wife. We kept it to 60K with no problems then we sold it to a neighbor who ran it to over 150K.

    Bottom line, I wouldn't worry about buying a 2005 Mustang.
  9. I wouldn't think so, the only thing I could think of would be when the cobra comes out a year later and the conv or even the possible talked about boss and Shelby colletors acrs maybe you would think you made a mistake. As far as performance if the 94-98 stang were all the same performance and the 99-04 were all the same performance #'s so I wouldn't worry about that to much.
  10. I'm going to wait a little while before I commit. I have always maintained that one should never buy a new car in the first year of production. Even if there are no recalls, there are always going to be some minor quality issues that need to be worked out. If you have purchased a new car like this and not had these issues, I say "congratulations", you are the exception, not the rule.

    This rule applies to all auto makers, not just Ford.
  11. i'd say yea, any 1st year production is gonna have its issues...not to mention only the gt will be offered :(
  12. I disagree. I have had a number of Ford products over the years. Never had a serious problem with ANY of them that I bought new. And I tend to keep a car I like for 175,000 to 200,000 miles. Of course, being a Safety Engineer, I avoid front wheel drive products.

  13. How many of them were first year cars?

  15. The next model year will always be better than the last.

    Ford seems to be going the extra mile now to ensure smooth new model roll outs.
  16. The Falcon Sprint (at least for a V-8 in a Falcon) and the early 65 Mustang were first year. Both were great cars. But as I said, first year is not the best time to buy a car. Any car.
  17. I didn't say I was "still driving a 65". My 65 is undergoing restomod. My daily driver is a Firebird Formula 6-speed with RamAir. Just barely broken in....

    Nothing ridiculous about 200K in a properly maintained car. That's just normal for Detroit iron. I drove the Mustang 178,000 miles before putting it in storage for later rebuild. Put 208,000 on an ElCamino (only Chevy I ever owned) and it still ran like new, when I traded it on a new Thunderbird for my wife. The ElCamino was just all rusted out (from driving it in Tennessee mountains where they salt the roads heavily). Sold a Firebird after putting 204,000 only because I was tired of the wimpy V-6.

    As a matter of interest, my Mustang is a South Carolina car - never driven in salt. And it is being upgraded. 5.0 EFI, T-5, 4-wheel discs, upgrade stereo, lots more. As for the body, can't improve on that classic look!
  18. I was driving in a 2000 Lincoln Towncar 4 door sedan Limosine the other day. The vehicle still had its original engine and original transmission in it. They were NEVER rebuilt. And do you know how many miles were on the engine and transmission? It had 421,800 miles on it! That's right. This 2000 Lincoln Towncar had OVER 421,000 miles on it with the ORIGINAL engine and ORIGINAL transmission in it. Neither had ever been rebuilt. And the car is used as a limosine ever since it was purchased brand new by the limo company. The car still runs like brand new. And it has taken a beating being driven by limo company employees.

    This proves that Ford/Lincoln/Mercury builds really good cars which can go over 400,000 miles if properly maintained. I wouldn't be afraid buying a Ford during the 1st year of production. I beleive in the company. If I didn't, I would not own 2 Mustangs like I currently do.
  19. :lol::lol::lol:
  20. What's so funny, Ray? Safety isn't important to you? (Safety is not airbags and seatbelts.... it is avoiding the wreck in the first place.)