Is it time to part out my 66?

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  1. I have had my 66 for 20 years, hasn't been driven since 1994, it is my first car. It needs all the minor and major work that these cars need, I just haven't had time and money to start. A large tree branch just fell on it and caved in the roof by 8 inches and creased the rear window frame. I was always aware that I would have to dump thousands more into this car then if I bought a better one to start with but now that difference has been increased greatly. I was never looking at restoring, more like a restomod so some patchwork here and there was not an issue for originality for me.

    I am now faced with the decision of whether it is finally time to try to sell or part it out. It doesn't have a whole lot of good parts left on it so I doubt I could get more then a few hundred. I also have to work with Iowa to get a replacement title, they apparently purge their records if you don't register a car in 20 years.

    Does anyone have any feeling or thoughts on this? The car is currently in KC if that matters at all. I did notice there is a 66 being sold for parts on craiglist for $1k because they don't have a title so that would be one way of doing it. But if I have to cut up a nicer car to resurrect mine, then is the sentimental value still there when I am left with 5% of my original car....
  2. That's a tough one to answer, and really it's like putting down your favorite dog, it's your call and there is no wrong answer. I know sentimental value is something you can't add into a balance sheet, but here's my take: I'm 49 years old and still have my first car as well. It's a 1930 Model A hot rod my Dad and I built back in '79. I haven't driven it since '85 when I took it apart to redo some stuff that was always bothering me. Over the years I've had a couple false starts but never really got serious about it. Know why? I don't really want to spend the time and money only to have a cramped (those things are tiny when you're 19, at 49 I would imagine they are unbearable!) pickup that isn't exactly what I want anyway. Sure I would love to see it run if for no other reason than Dad and I built it, but if someone bought what's left, I could live with that too. Just like your car, you now have a chance to start over by getting a finished car, or at least a better start if you really have the time and money to pour into the car. Be honest with yourself and your budget and goals and you'll be fine either way.
  3. Might be a good candidate for either the Coupe to convertible or Coupe to Fastback conversion.
  4. Tough call over here. You had 20 wonderful years or so we hope.......with the 66. But, if your not driving it, than the memory begins to collect dust. I know how hard it can be to part with a car you love, but its better to at least have something you can drive everyday. Just my opinion.
  5. If I were you, I would bite a knuckle and part it out, because it doesn't have a title. But I'd put the money toward another one.
  6. Keep it. Find a donor with a clear title and press forward. Sell off the parts you don't need in getting the new aquisition set up.
  7. Now there's a good idea!
  8. keep it get a donor title. not hard man ive done it, i know many others that do it especially when they build a custom car they get a new old school title.
  9. keep on the mustang path

    no cars quite far gone you can do anything with knowing basics, and when not a clue ask the forum.