is it worth doing a dynotune on a 89 n/a mustang

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by svoteam, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. hey guys wanted to get my car dynotuned from a shop out in L.I realspeed and was speaking to someone and they told me a dynotune for my car would be worthless to 10hp if that,that it is only for cars with nos or supercharged does anybody no it this is true??
    my car runs the stock a9p computer i have
    306 with 11.1 comp f303 cam prom-80 edel rpm head that are ported edel rpm intake 24lbs injectors 373 gears long tube headers and no smog at all, also do you think i would be able to put a procharger on with 11.1 comp?
  2. A dyno tune is never a waste of money. Its the only way to really tell how your car is running!! The reason people say its a waste, is because most shops just burn a chip for your setup, and when you change heads, cam or add NO2 or a blower you have to get a new chip burned everytime. A dyno tune to me is not just a way to add power, thats just a plus. A dyno tune to me is about adding driveability and assurance that my air fuel ratio is correct and im not going to grenade my motor!! Not sure about the 11:1 compression ration with a procharger. I would def talk to your tuner about it. Obvisouly 11:1 is not an ideal comp ration for boost, but anything can be done!! You may not be able to do it on pump gas.
  3. my personal car with similar setup 11.5 compression 306 Edelbrock RPM heads and cobra intake but larger X cam ran 7.99 eighth mile times with no tune , tuned it and its run a best of 7.67 tuned and I am hoping to do a larger TB and maybe ported upper and lower intake , or different intake all together and get it 7.50 or even 7.40 out of it with more tuning