Is it worth porting stock heads?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Jaswir, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. please one more person say I can get the motivation to go out and set some kinda record.......just for the hell of it!:D
  2. :stupid:
    You just might get:owned: by somebody running "POS E7s
  3. alright guys i have a set in the garage that are done up to hell.. 1.94 valves and a extreme port and polish.. when they go on, so will a matching ported intake and bolt ons also.. i will get some 1/8 mile times and we will just convert them over.. I dont expect to be mad crazy fast but i expect them to pull there weight.. specially with the damn huge valves in it lol
  4. Last year here in Toronto I enquired at Paul Silva Performance as to how much I would be looking at to port a set of E7`s using the stock valves.

    He gave me a straight answer.He said today with all of the aluminum heads on the market,both new and used that spending the money to port E7`s,(at a shop) is a waste of money because the cost of porting would be close to what you can find used aluminum heads for in TO.

    There was a used Mustang parts place here that had a set of low mile E7`s off a wreck that were ported by PSP.
    They had larger valves,(don`t know size) and heavy duty valve springs and a claimed $1000 + in porting and machine work/parts.They wanted no less than $500 for them.
    I asked PSP about them and they said they flowed in the mid 190cfm range on the intake side and were basically equivalent to cast iron gt40 heads in performance.

    IMO the person who spent that much on these E7`s wasted his money.
  5. In my eyes ANYONE going slower than me with aftermarket heads and cams has waisted their time... And dont forget, I will be going faster next season with suspension, and some more power!

    I guess I am unique, Id rather go low 12s on E7s, then high 11s on a set of aftermarket heads, merely because noone thinks twice when you run alright with AFRs, but when you do it on E7s, you have people drooling,checking under the hood, and all around amazed! Most people wont understand that, but it feels good to have people scratching their heads and wondering how you pulled the times!
  6. I wonder if that price is still good. $500 for aluminum heads is a good deal, even if they are the y303 heads.
  7. :shrug: Why are you so obsessed with E7's? If I saw you run those times and then looked under your hood and witnessed the E7's in action, I'd be wondering why you're not running 10's with a really good HCI setup?
  8. You could of just posted it in the thread, i would of seen it. That's one low ass price. Thanks for the link.

  9. yup i agree, but typically people who can't afford something better , or just don't have something better, will back up what they have, to the point of obsession.

    i notice in the sig it says stock heads then specifies that the "valves" are stock ? so is that it? and then says "bolt-ons" ....actually aluminum heads "bolt-on" as well as a blower or nitrous so thats a little vague, i'm sure if you get down to it, there is quite a bit of weight loss, and whatever else is not being totally covered. i'm sure EXTENSIVE port work

    spending money on port work on e7's is a total waste of time period....unless you just absolutely can't afford to to go faster.

    i guess i am unique that i'd rather run low 12's w/ everything untouched, valve covers and all, w/ a 100 shot then to mess w/ a bunch of crappy stock stuff.

    so to each his own........
  10. That means the heads are stock short of GT40 valves (and valve job), they are unported (neither intake or exhaust ports have been touched), and bolt ons means, TB, MAF, pulleys, exhaust, etc... The car is 100% street car, full weight, no short belt, only has AC removed. Car has untouched stock suspension, stock T5 with a weak clutch, stock rear with just 3.73s in it. Could be duplicated for probably $2500-3000!

    Im merely standing up for something I have that goes fast enough for me. I also would love to do heads/ cam/ intake on my car, but like stated before college kids have a tough time paying for parts when they dont work! Believe me If I went HCI I would be running deep 11s, and if not Id change the combo or sell the car. I work on a set of mods until it runs the best time it can, which is why I will probably have E7s for a little while longer...

    My thing is this, ANYONE can spend money on big heads, cam and intake on a stroker motor to go fast, but rarely do you see guys who run great times for the mods they have, which is something I enjoy...

    Believe me, none of you would probably understand but nearly every time I hit the track, people stand around the car and wonder what I have in it with the heads, and such to go mid 12s. That to me is worth going a little slower on stock heads, than spending the money and being just another aluminum headed 12 second car!
  11. Another note here, I am in NO way saying E7s are a great head, or even better than any other head, I know they arent, but to flat out say they cant be made fast or are a waste of time, thats what Im standing up against. I have found this to be untrue, and have some epxerience, so I come, share it, and let the people modding their cars to decide!

    Its weird, soooo many people will come on and rag on stuff, put things down, call it a waste of time and feel like they are helping, but the truth is, someone with experience, and a mod list running the times, is more likely to help, than a naysayer just voicing an opinion!
  12. if you'll notice its usually the guys with a ton of money in their cars that's putting down people who have less than they do. The main reason I drive a Ford in the first place was because of people driving shevy's complaining about FORD's...........and that just totally turned me against shevy's!

    anyone can bolt on enough "big dollar" parts to eventually go fast. But for someone with a can go fast for a lots less. "I'll take the dirt road....its all I know!" ......"and its a lot more fun getting there too!"
  13. unless your in a heavy sprung mustang!

    too damned bumpy!

    even in my sd, not very comfortable. i would take a paved road any day, assuming traffic on both was not a factor.


    why dont ya just get some AFR 225's, and throw em on a 363 stroker dart block, with a YSI, and an intercooler, ohh, run a FAST engine management system too!
    siemens deka 96lb injectors....Kooks headers etc....... doesn't everyone have 30k for a drivetrain?
  14. Good question, for all those that got AFR 165s, why not 185s, or 225s... or for those who got a Cobra intake, why not Trick Flow, or Edelbrock, or just go with a Hogan peice. Why doesnt everyone run 800 hp comboes...
  15. Man, if you provide the funding I'd be happy to run around with an 800hp combo. :nice:
  16. I would too, but then again thats one reason I run E7s!
  17. and i have seen more than once a showroom stock brand new 5.0 notch with the right driver go 12.89 back in 91... but that was another thread and many years ago. i have ported many e7's to outflow most out of the box aftermarket heads. if i didnt beat them i matched them real closely. but... i did this type of work for a living. hours spent with the die grinder, serdi machine for valve job, and flow bench(about 6 hours)- you can buy the heads cheaper. i am doing another set right now for my car. i am a glutton for punisment. i guess i like to have iron dust caked in my nose. bottom line-money vs. time.and you can always say it has stock heads
  18. Sweet Troy, want to do mine next? ;)
  19. like i said it is takes time. very labor intensive. i dont think the time to do it right would ever worth it. well maybe.... a good set of aftermarket heads are $xxxx. hmmm...
  20. i use a shop back in the back side of the iron dust in the nose! :)