Is magnaflow the only '03-'04 SVT specific aftermarket exhaust??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jpjr, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. i'm looking into a cat-back bolt on exhaust and would really like something exlusive to the cobras. my main reason is that i've never installed an exhaust and want to make sure that the designers had my specific vehicle in mind so that i know i won't need to mod it. i just want a bolt on for now... quick and dirty!

    i've heard that magnaflows have the most power and a nice rumble. (i'm totally against loudmouths.. their just plain obnoxious IMHO).. so i noticed magnaflow has an SVT specific setup. anyone know about bassani or borla? i'm currently researching...
  2. Bassani does a catback for you guys, so does JBA, and Borla.
  3. There are tons of 03-04 specific exhausts: Magnaflow,Borla, Bassani, SLP, Flowmaster, MAC, UPR, etc....
  4. I use magnaflow. I believe it took me less than an hour to install mine. Everything bolted up perfect, no cutting, grinding or welding. I just used some jack stands and basic tools. Great fit and finish IMO.
  5. How does the magnaflow sound? Is it noticeable difference but nothing obnoxious (I hope). thanks...
  6. I think the regular Magnaflow catback sounds really good. Nice burble at idle and cruise, but get on it and it screams. :eek: Not obnoxious just cruising around.
    The Magnapacks are loud like the Loudmouth set-up. Most of the catbacks give similiar performance gains, it comes down to your sound preference on which one to go with. :D And yes there is a noticeable difference from stock, considering the cobra exhaust is the most quiet stock exhaust ever on any mustang. You would think it would make some noise. :shrug:
  7. I drive a 99 4v, but it's exactly what I was looking for. It has a slight drone that I notice but no one else in the car does @ ~ 2k rpms. I know the bassani baffles fit the tips perfectly so if it ever starts to annoy me I may spend the $35.00 for those.