"Is my/this car a Cobra?" - the definitive answer.

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  1. It seems like this is one of the most often asked questions in 5.0 Talk. I thought I'd spell it out once and for all.

    Most often, this question is brought up because someone just bought a car and the title is labeled "GT/Cobra". Many (most) states lump these two together. This causes a lot of confusion. The following are the three cases where the car could be a Cobra.

    1. From 1979 through 1981 Ford had a trim package that they called "Cobra". A Cobra of this vintage will have either the 4-cylinder turbo or the V-8 engine, a performance oriented suspension and specific stickers/trim. This car is not an SVT product, just a trim level above "Ghia".

    2. Between 1987 and 1993 Ford labeled the vehicle known in the US as a "GT" as a "Cobra" in Canada. Other than a badge on the left side of the hatch, they are identical to a US GT model. My theory is that this is why the cars are titled "GT/Cobra", but I don't know this for sure. Many of these cars have migrated south of the border and are easily identified by the speedo having km/hour on the outside of the speedo circle, with mph on the inside.

    3. This is the only one that would matter as far as value is concerned. In 1993 the SVT division of Ford introduced the SVT Cobra, with a hopped up 5.0, a specific transmission, wheels, ground effects and spoiler, different suspension and rear disc brakes. An SVT Cobra is readily identified by a "D" in the eighth digit of the VIN, denoting the 235 hp engine. 4993 93 Cobras were built,along with 105 Cobra R models. The Cobras typically sell for significantly more than a comparable GT or LX.

    So there you go. Is your car a Cobra?
  2. Yeah, but is my car a Saleen?
  3. If you even have to ask then the answer is no....You dont accidentally buy a Cobra. You're gonna pay for it.
  4. This thread should be a Sticky!!!
  5. No.

  6. Could mine be a Roush model? hahaha
  7. Thanks for speaking for me! lol
  8. Pretty positive my 97 Grand Prix is a cobra too
  9. Mine is a rare 1 of 1 original "PETHEL"

    Only one like it in my garage.:D

    Even my SSC is a "PETHEL" original:nice:

  10. mine has a cobra motor though, the guy I baught it from said so
  11. Mines a limited edition autozone gt-r
  12. Corrections to the above.....

    1. The '79-'81 Cobra was an option package. It was not a trim level (model). There were only two trim levels from '79 through '81 and they were "base" and "Ghia" (both available in 2-dr coupe and 3-dr hatchback form). The Cobra option was only available on the 3-door base model. The carb 2.3L turbo engine was dropped in the USA during the '81 model year (it continued in Canada through '82) so all late '81 Cobra packages ordered in the USA with the 2.3L were not turbocharged, they were naturally aspirated.

    2. The "GT" sold in Canada was called "Cobra GT", not just "Cobra", and it was from '84 through '92, not '87 through '93.

    3. There were 107 SVT Cobra R models produced, not 105.

    So '82 and '83 were the only two years that there was not a Fox "Cobra" Mustang.

  13. Cant tell you how many times I see guys claiming to have 1993 cobra engines in their cars.

    Makes me wonder if there are any 93 cobras left at all but the frequency I see it.
  14. funny, almost every time I see a Grand Prix coming up behind me at night, I always think its a Cobra coming
  15. My favorite is every once in a while you get someone claiming to have a Boss in their Fox. That one just doesn't even make any sense, haha.
  16. Or a factory installed 5.8L that was special ordered cuz the previous owner "knew a guy"
  17. Yeah, but is my car an SSP Saleen coupe? :shrug:

    (yes they do actually exist by the way)
  18. Every hillbilly redneck around here with ANY 302 in anything thinks it's a Boss 302.

    "I got a 76 Ford truck with the Boss 302..........":bang:

    It's very annoying.
  19. Yeah and you'll have a hard time finding a 302 around here....all of them have been rebuilt and are now 306s. They also have "small cams" although "the guy i got it from put it in and i don't know what cam it is, probably a E cam" :rolleyes: