"Is my/this car a Cobra?" - the definitive answer.

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  1. m in the process of swapping the entire drive train from an 01 cobra (have the car and buck tag) , into my 91 Coupe.
    Would this make my car a Cobra?....lol
    The build part is true, and I do not plan to have any emblems other than the Blue oval on it.
  2. Nope.

    A cobra leaves the factory as a cobra. Anything else is just a mustang with cobra parts.

    You can't make a dog a cat...if ya know what I mean.
  3. You know what's funny, is that a lot of people mistake a regular GT or even an LX for a Cobra if it has a Cobra intake manifold on it. Now that Ford has released a Boss intake manifold, I bet money that 20 years from now, morons will be claiming to own Boss Mustangs because theirs has a Boss intake manifold.
  4. I'm going to put a Cobra spoiler on my LX hatch and then claim it as a "real" 93 Cobra! If they ask me where the Cobra side skirts and front bumper are I'll just tell them I took it off to make it lighter :rlaugh: