Mach 1 Is Nitrous going to kill my Mach ?

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  1. I threaded about best bolt ons for Machs but nothing is really going to improve it the that much. Since sc's and turbos are really expensive and Mach motors aren't really made to handle boost I was wondering if anybody who is running nitrous could tell me how there motor is handling it? Any problems you could run into from the nitrous and who makes the best kit?
  2. I don't know about not being able to handle boost? Yes, the motor has a high compression, but anywhere from 6-7lbs on boost won't be that hard on it.
  3. You are right it will handle 6-7 pounds like a breeze but just about every kit you can gives 8-10 pounds as the the rating and at 8-10 pounds the car won't see past 70,000 miles. But all you need to fix that is a forged bottom end and that takes alot more $$$$$$.
  4. I know people running 8lbs of boost on a Procharger, with no adverse effects on the motor.

    As for the question about nitrous, I've been running a NX Ford EFI 100+ wet shot on my Mach 1 for over 3 years and 55k miles, with nary a hiccup from the motor! I have blown the rearend twice and been through 4 clutches and 3 sets of brakes, but I consider that the price of admission!
  5. A wet 100 shot is safe, just make sure to run a colder heat range plug and have good tune on it, it is all in the tuning and you shouldnt have any immidiate issues. i the long run anything you do to your motor will limit its life span.

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    JBA Midpipe
    Koni Coil overs
  6. what about a wet 125-150 shot of juice? i am looking to do the same thing.what kind of plugs do you reccommend? i'm also looking into dyno-tuning my car with three tunes. N/A,100 shot, and 125or150 shot. How do you think it will hold up with the 125-150 pills?
  7. I'll be running an NX 125 shot wet. My buddy has been running the same setup for 5 years and 60,xxx miles without any issues. Just make sure it is tuned correctly.
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