Is Supercharging Capable Of High Miledge

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  1. Have a 13 gt auto with 373s, question is i am doing a 575hp. Roush kit in a couple days,do u think this is a long lasting performance mod,want to keep my car 15 to 20 yrs maybe 100k to 200k. Whatcha think.i am a pretty sensible person.just want the power cause i can.what say u.will be mostly street driven in the summer.i live in wisconsin
  2. All depends on how you maintain the car. I fully expect to keep my Shelby til I die (which I hope is at least 20 years from now!).
  3. Let's put it this way...I bought a beat-on 88 5.0 that had about 70,000 miles on it back in 96. I put every power adder in the book on that thing at one time or another and last year, I sold the car for as much as I paid for it originally back in 96. Car was still making full compression, no appreciable leakdown and had no other issues, with 165,000 miles on it. So yeah, FI or power adder can be a long-term proposition
  4. Well. That's kind of an open ended question. The new 5.0's in the '13 haven't been around long enough to determine the answer. It would all depend on your driving habits, maintenance schedule, and how well you take care of the car as a whole.

    Good luck
  5. A normal 5.0L Coyote will last more then 200K miles, when well maintained and bone stock. Performance mods drastically reduce engine life regardless of how well she's maintained or how "little" it's beat on.
  6. If you are worried about long-term durability, do not put a supercharger with a lot of boost on it. I would be very surprised if a 575 hp Coyote made it to 200K. A lot of boost in a stock 11:1 engine is not a recipe for longevity.