Is switching from 5 /14's to 6X8's easy?

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  1. I currently have Infinity Kappa 5 1/4" component speakers in my car, but they don't produce the sound I'm looking for because they're so small. I would like to replace the two door speakers with Infinity Kappa 6X8's, but am I going to run into a problem with the tweeters and crossovers already being wired to other speaker set components? Or do I just replace the mid-range speaker and not worry about the tweeter/crossover from the previous kit?
  2. Replace the speakers. wire around the crossovers so they are not in the circuit. I would look into some other speakers. I had those in the 6 1/2 size and they still dont have any low end. Since you have the crossovers and if you like the tweeters ok i would replace the mids with something else. i would go with a 6 1/2 driver. i have used Seas and Kodas and they work very well. Here is a mid driver that has had great reviews. all you have to do is make a MDF ring for them and install them in the old holes.
  3. When you say "...wire around the crossovers so they are not in the circuit," do you mean wire around the current crossover (the one for the 5 1/4" component set) or the crossover that comes with the Infinity 6X8" speaker?

    The highs in my car sound fine to me. The Infinity tweeters work well.

    I just want more bass and mid-range quality sound through my two door speakers. The speaker you posted looks great, but how well does it cover mid to high range frequencies? It looks like it's designed to mostly project bass.
  4. Also, with those speakers, will making a base plate out of 1/2-3/4" MDF effect the door panel at all? That speaker obviously has a bigger diameter than factory speakers, plus I'd have to mount it with the MDF. Are you it won't get in the way of the door panel?
  5. I had some that size in my 99 and it takes some work. They will touch the side of the panel. The reviews of those speakers say they play up to 2.5khz very well. They also have a 6" version also. as far as the 6x8s if the tweeter is seperate then you dont have to do anything just swap out the drivers. If they come with crossovers then you can swap them out also. Are you crossing them over ? I always cross them over at about 80hz but I have a sub also. If you dont have a sub that would be the thing to look into. takes the strain off the little drivers.
  6. Here is the only other 6" driver from PartsExpress, it's 4 ohms. Is this the one your're talking about

    I'll make an account on that audio forum. I just spent some time searching for my mid-bass questions with no luck. Their is just too many brands, sizes, and tech info. related to each individual speaker. I'm just looking to get more bass, mid-range sound, and most importantly, clarity out of my current system.

    Keep in mind that I would like to keep the Infinity Kappa tweeters (mounted in stock tweeter pod) and the Infinity crossovers. All is wired with 16 awg and running to a Kicker 350.4 amp (my component set is wired to the amp like this: LF, RF, LR, RR). I need something that will work off this current setup. I also have a 400 watt rms RF sub in the back (which takes care of bass for the most part). However, I want the other components in my system to play bass and better mid-range b/c having only a sub for bass sounds like crap to me.

    the amp was tested to put out 370 watts rms, so each of the four speakers powered by this amp must run at no more than 90 watts rms. Just figured I'd include all this information b/c I have to buy these speakers within the next week so I can install them when I get work on my car next.
  7. Yes thats it. for some reason the link didnt show up in my last reply. Sounds like you are looking for midbass. i just dont have any experience with those 6x8s. I would like to know how they sound but if they are anything like the Kappa 6 1/2s I think you might be dissapointed. One thing you will see on elitecaraudio is alot of talk about deadening the doors. The people there are really into sound quality(SQ) where the guys at the other forum are alot more towards SPL. I would ask questions on about the infinitys. the woofers I showed you are an example of what Elitecaraudio people would use. you can get a hold of me on my name on there is 99stangGT and on elite is NHRA427.
  8. i don't think I'll get the Infinity's because I just searched and found people saying the same thing you've there's no need to ask over there for now.

    I had a question though, will the 6" Dayton fit in the factory speaker location with enough room, because you said the 6.5" version gets in the way of the door panel.

    Plus, now that I think of it, my current mid-range speakers are wired at 2 ohms, and these are 4. Can I still hook them up with no problems, or can these Dayton's be wired from 4 to 2?
  9. I was wondering about that, I heard Infinity did go to a 2 ohm set. using a 4 ohm driver will change the crossover point a little. I used an 8 ohm driver with my Image Dynamics tweeter and crossovers and it sounded the same as with the 4 ohm drivers. The 6" drivers will fit. i was using the 7" drivers.
  10. I've put 8" drivers in a 2003. It can be done. The Dayton drivers that 05Torch mentioned are some fine drivers. Actually, put me on record as saying those are the finest drivers on the market for the money. They easily sound better than drivers that cost 4x as much. I'm looking at replacing my Shaker 500 with the RS225-4's and their dome mids if they'll release them.
  11. If Dayton drivers are so good (and only priced less than $30 each), why aren't they nearly as popular as $150 6X8" coax and midrange speakers, such as the Infinity's I bought? Just wondering.
  12. And another thing....if I order these speakers you guys are 100% positive they'll work in my current system? I just don't want to order them to find out I can't run them. I want these to essentially be a plug-n-play deal
  13. Dayton drivers are the "house" brand for PartsExpress. They're MUCH more well known in the DIY home audio, and they're quite well known in car audio recently, too. Go check out to see some extensive hands-on with them, and other drivers to boot.

    The reason they aren't as popular, is because of your exact statement. They can't possibly sound as good since they didn't cost as much, right :)

    Oh, and for plug-n-play, stick with the 6x8's. That way, you don't even have to mess with making a mounting plate. There's an excellent deal on the Directed Studio s68's on e-bay. sounds-great-net has them for 49.99. Sounds great is mainstreet-audio's e-bay affiliate.
  14. I can make a mounting plate in 20 minutes...that's what I had to do for my 5 1/4" speakers. I just want to make sure that these Dayton drivers (which are 4 ohm speakers; compared to the 2 ohm Infinity's I currently have) work with my current sound system setup. I dont want to have to re-wire anything or worry about any other problems associated with these speakers.
  15. You won't have to worry. The Dayton drivers are built with home audio in their hearts. That means good sensitivity. You'll be fine, and your amps will be cooler also. That's a plus. You will NOT be disappointed in the drivers. Also, at the forum above, there's aguy that can get a discount from PE. His name's PB2theMax. Good luck, and post back if you get them.
  16. Well I've ordered the speaker, I'll install it next week when I have time. Kind of wish I would have gone with the 7", but if it's gonna be a tight fit requiring some work, maybe I'm better off with the 6". We'll see how much better these compare to the Infinity 5 1/4". I'm just worried b/c the Dayton's aren't much bigger, but you guys say that despite the size, they'll still give me the mid-range and bass I'm looking for.
  17. I havent used the 6s just 7s. they compare to my old Focal 165k speakers. If you dont know about them they cost a ton, around 900 here in town. i will never go back to off the shelf speakers, DIY for me. If those dont work for you I am sure someone will take them off your hands, I might even.
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    I dont think the problems you are having are because of the speaker brand or sizing. I have the infinity 6.5 components in the doors and I have spent a little time tweeking the crossovers and they sound awesome. I dont know what kind of system you have but you HAVE to amp these speakers with some descent power, deck power isn't gona cut it. Set the crossover on your deck for the door speakers at a low of 60-80hz and set your subwoofer to a high of 100-120hz. Then just play with the equilizer to get the sound you want. Also, make sure the speakers are mounted properly, with some kind of sound deadening in there. I am sure if you take the time you can get those infinities sounding better than just throwing money at different speakers. Just my two cents.