Is the 10.0 L Boss engine possible?

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  1. The title pretty much says it all. In 1994 SVT made the Boss Mustang with the 10.0 L engine in it. It was like 855bhp and 790 lb-ft of torque made with the engine.

    What i want to know is:
    A) Is it possible to put that engine in a Mustang( say Sn95 model to be specific)
    B) Is it possible to even GET a 10.0L engine?
    C) Cost estimations?
    D)What would need to be done to the car to fit it? or What other modifications would be needed to get the motor to work?
    E) Is it feasable? Worth the effort and time? or just a big waste of time and money.

    Maybe more questions but i cant think of them right now..
  2. Keep in mind this was a "Concept" vehicle. The folks who built this car had all the resources Ford has to offer. They can pick through parts bins the way you or I shop for groceries.

    I'm pretty sure the shock towers had to be modified and possibly the firewall. I'm sure a custom K-member would be required too. Is it possible? Yes...but may be a lot of work.
    Not sure on that... 10.0L = 613 cubic inches! I know Ford makes a 514 c.i. which is 8.4 liters.
    If you have to ask....
    Lots of fabrication!
    It would cost a lot of money and time to create an identical replica of that concept car. If you're willing to compromise and go with a smaller displacement motor it will be easier and less costly. I think trying to shoehorn any Ford big block motor 429/460/513 into the new mustang chassis is not going to be easy or cheap.


  3. first yea its possible to put in it one, but good luck finding a motor, i don't know of anybody that makes a crate boss 429 so unless there is one you'll have to find an origanal and if you tear apart an origanal boss 429 to pull the motor and drop in in an sn-95 well thats just cold
  4. That engine was specially designed for THAT car and ONLY 1 was made
  5. Okay okay, so lets say its not possible to get a Ford produced 10.0 L engine.

    Could you get one though through some sort of custom work? I mean now were talking prolly a ton of money and ton of other work to be done to the car, but it would still be possible dont you think?

    And for the record, I'm not thinking of doing this, I don't even have a mustang yet, I was just reading about it and got kinda curious.

    And excuse my ignorance but why is it called a 429 engine? That doesnt equal out cubic inches, so was that just the designation for the older Boss Mustangs?
  6. First of all, that particular engine was a V10. So you'd need quite a bit of custom machined parts because, as far as I know, nobody makes them

  7. Ahhh i was thinking it was still a V8. I dunno, I just think it would be cool to have somehting like that, real unique you know, but oh well i was just curious thanks for the info.
  8. :rolleyes: Count the spark plug wires. It's a V8.
  9. i saw in a mustang magazine, they did make a v10 like a 2000 stang, it was crazy i think i still have the magazine, maybe were talking about 2 different cars here but i know for sure there was a v10 stang made havent heard of the 10.0l
  10. The Boss 429 engine with it's hemi heads, is incredibly rare. They can be found, but often Boss 429 engine parts go for a hefty premium, due to their rarity.

    Ford likely had the engine used in storage from back then (and likely has a few more). Not for sale though.

    A pseudo-Boss engine is possible...using an FRPP 429/460 block and SCJ heads. There is no functional difference between the 429/460 and the Boss 429, other than the heads and the industrial strength bottom end used in the Boss 429. The bottom end can be easily duplicated by parts available from well known companies. It's the Boss heads that are the sticking point. Boss heads are very hard to come by, and could be used if you manage to stumble on a pair. Come with a fat wallet though...:)

    If I recall correctly, the original Boss 429 chassis had to be specifically modified to accomodate the engine (moving the shock towers out to clear the valve covers). It's almost a certainty that major metal massaging would be required to cram it into an SN95 body.

    It would be an ideal sleeper though...:D

    The Boss 351 V-10 engine is basically a 4.6L V8 with two extra cylinders (same deck AFAIK). Not a revolutionary design, but Ford hasn't mass produced these engines. It's an ideal engine for the Mustang though, due to the lower deck height (vs the 6.8L V10) allowing for easier hood selection.
  11. no....the real question is if the 5.8 dohc v10 will happen.....that's just sick right there...makes me cringe ;)
  12. In a older issue (like five+ years ago) of 5.0 Mustang magazine a guy had a V-8 10.0L engine in his fox body GT. So it is possible. It used stock strut towers but i believe it had a modified tubular k-member.
    I forget how it actually came out to 10 liters, but i think it was just a stroked ford big block, no big deal. There have been a ton of big block fox conversions done before.

    As for price: like somebody else said, if you have to ask you can't afford it...LOL