Is the foxbody used part market dead?

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You have a nice rear end there Dave.
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Nov 29, 1999
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Here is the thing I don't understand. Corral is a business. Yes it started out as a hobby site, but we all know it turned into a business. Lets say for example it were an actual auto repair shop where people brought their cars in for repair. Now imagine if every time a new customer came in needing repairs they were met by a mechanic who told them the following in the most condescending way possible: "You need to go and do all of these tests I am going to explain to you, and even if it is WAY out of your mechanical ability to do so, you better do it before you bring your car back. If you don't understand these tests then you are stupid, and wasting my precious time, and I will make sure to tell you how stupid you are in front of the rest of the mechanics at the shop". Guess what? No one would bring their car back and the business would die. I would imagine the shop owner would fire the mechanic. I think Corral needs to fire the mechanic...or they should have done it long ago because I feel the business is dead already and he is one of the main reasons. I am sure a lot of those new members that came and immediately left due to this would have been potential used parts customers.


the guy doing it does every local racers rear end
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Jul 3, 2009
i will say my biggest issue with the fox body market at this point is the stuff i need and have to sell is either Rare stuff that i refuse to give away, high end stuff, or custom stuff. and the stuff i need is all custom so im stuck buying new, having what i need made or waiting till i find what i need.
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Mar 3, 2010
I would say every forum does have that guy. I don’t usually go on corral bc I don’t like their set up and flow. The thing is I know a lot of you guys in these forums are very tech savvy and do a lot of work on your own etc. which is awesome bc I look for help from all of you! Someone like me who use to always just go drop the car off say this so what I want, when can I come pick it up, is now trying to do more work on their own. I have done some things with a lot of help from guys in here or you tube, but it takes a lot of repeating etc bc well a bunch of us love our cars but just aren’t tech or mechanically inclined. Just don’t understand when some one is trying there has to be someone to come in a beat them down bc in their eyes they are like that’s so easy even though it might not be for that person. I don’t care about some sarcasm but some ppl really get mad lol and I’m not sure why.


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May 8, 2003
lol Indy2000 knows his :poo:.. sure he comes off as a dbag but he doesn't like spoon feeding people. He'll help you til the end if your willing to do the work and with that he's helped me countless times through the years. I've sold allot of stuff on corral but can't stand shipping so I generally sell on facebook market place first and if it doesn't go i'll throw it up on corral but craigslist was always the absolute worst for me. Shaddy people, a ton of random questions about a part clearly explained and pictured ugh I hate craigslist at least with facebook I can see who I'm dealing with 99% of the time before I waste my time.
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Feb 18, 2020
Speaking of which. How is LMR? Looks like a kid in candy shop situation. given original parts for this stuff can really be hard to get is there another option. Anything from LMR to stay away from.


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Apr 16, 2019
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Speaking of which. How is LMR? Looks like a kid in candy shop situation. given original parts for this stuff can really be hard to get is there another option. Anything from LMR to stay away from.
They are pretty good if you know what you are getting. Meaning, they have a lot of repro made in china stuff. Some of it is half way decent and some of it sucks ass. If your shopping the name brand stuff the prices are par for the course but free shipping over $49 and no tax helps. Their customer service is top notch. They've taken good care of me on any issues I've had.


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Feb 18, 2001
If you want further proof corral is dead/dying, check out the spam posts in the Windsor forums. 5-6 hours since being posted and they are still on the main page. No mods have removed them.


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
I hate craigslist at least with facebook I can see who I'm dealing with 99% of the time before I waste my time.
Agreed. I feel a lot more comfortable meeting up and selling parts to a guy that has a cover photo with his wife and 3 kids and looks normal.

On CL, it's always a crapshoot if i'm going to get raped when i show up to sell a part. (I would carry my CCW anyway)

Potomus Pete

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Mar 7, 2019
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The spam just keeps coming. I cant stand that format. They did that on my Custom Tacos Forum , and now it is completely dead. Canadians bought that one too. There is a guy on there who is doing the racecar ,stock ,racecar build that is one of the best learning build threads Ive ever seen.
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