Drivetrain Is The Manual Transmission Reliable?

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  1. I'm looking to buy my first Mustang. My first Ford actually. I'm seriously considering the 2014 v6 w/ the 6-speed manual transmission.

    After a very little amount of research, I found out that the manual transmission is made in China. Now I'm very pro Buy American, but this raises more concerns for me that just that. I'd love to buy the car even with the transmission being made in China. The engine is made just a few minutes from my home town. What worries me is the reliability. I had a Chevy with a 3.1 made in the USA, and a couple of my friends had the 3.4 which is very similar, but made in China. The 3.1 was by far more reliable. Also, I have read a few posts on here that say that they have had a couple issues with their manual transmission in their v6.

    My question is, what would you do? If you you have a v6 w/ a manual transmission and could go back in time, would you change it to the automatic? In general what do you think about the quality?

  2. I shouldn't have said that I like GMs...
  3. First off, there is nothing wrong with liking GM, I love Vettes, and I love the sound of an LS with a big cam :)

    Second, the big thing with the manual is the load bearing gears are 1-4th, so if you are going to race it, try and gear it so that you stay out of 5th at the drag racing track if you are going to go with a power adder like Nitrous. But, more importantly, get a good shifter, the remote shifter has a lot of play that will make for some imprecise shifting.

    Here is a video of me and my MT-82 in action :)

  4. The V6 ain't straining the transmission much, I think with some well thought out suggestions like you've received, you'll be fine.

    I have a comme ci, comm ca relationship with my MT82. It did blow up, unprovoked, at 1500 miles, no racing, nothing. Since Ford rebuilt it though, it's been down track over 100 times without issue and the car runs high 11s on slicks and minimal other mods.
  5. I wish that I had the time and money to do that Clair. I'm going to just use it to go to work and back, short road trips, and I'll probably spin the tires occasionally.

    The 5 year/60,000 mile warranty will make me feel a little more comfortable too. I'm probably going to go for it and get the manual and take my chances. Thanks for the help!
  6. I broke my car in, at 300 miles I put the MGW shifter in. At 1000 miles I changed the transmission fluid to full synthetic. Which maid the transmission awesome for the street. For track use, there are a few more things, but if your not going to race, they really are not worth doing :)

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  7. Good point. I'll definitely have to take good care of it.

    I just can't get the Mustang out of my mind. I found one about 100 miles away that is almost perfect. I might be a Mustang owner before the year it out. Thanks to both of you!
  8. I just bought a 2011 5.0 with an MT-82. No problems here. Hammered out my first couple of powershifts this morning. No problems, even with the stock shifter! I definitely plan to upgrade the shifter, trans mount bushing, and motor mounts though, to make the shifting more precise.
  9. It really doesn't get to be a problem until you start to launch really hard, and the 1-2 shift at 7000+ rpm after a hard launch. The only other time was during extended road course work, going into 5th at the end of a short straight was a pain. But, some well thought out mods, and the thing shifts super smooth no matter what I do to it :)

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  10. I've got a 12 GT now too and the 1-2 shift at the redline is such a pain! I've upgraded to the Barton short throw and bracket and its made shifting more precise. 2-3 is no longer an issue and it cleaned up the sloppiness of the stock unit. Still need to nail the important one though.
  11. I have a manual 5.0, and mine can be tricky to get into 2nd gear when cold, or when shifting 1-2 at higher rpms. The dealer replaced the fluid with a higher grade under warranty, and that seems to have helped a little.

    Ultimately, it doesn't seem to be a durability issue yet, more of an annoyance issue, and the trans as whole is otherwise one of the better manuals I've ever driven. Also, since the V6 and V8s use the same transmission, the V6, with 110 fewer ft-lbs of torque is unlikely to break.

    To answer your specific question, if I were to order the car all over again, I would stay with the manual. For me, this is a weekend car, not a daily driver, so having the manual adds to the fun for me.

    Also, I test drove a V6 automatic once, and I can report that at least with the V6, the automatic is programmed and geared only for maximum fuel economy, and as such is a performance sucking anchor that sucks all of the spring and all of the fun out of an otherwise fine engine. It goes into 6th as soon as possible, runs at about 1500 rpm at 60, and is very reluctant to downshift, making it feel bogged down most of the time despite the 305 hp rating.

    If you do get the V6, I'd recommend checking the option boxes necessary to get the 3.31 rear (the standard 2.73 is too tall).
  12. Thanks for all the help! I just bought my first Mustang today, and I could not be happier.
    It's got the 3.31 rear end. I made sure of that.
    I've still got to get used to it because the only manual that I've driven regularly is my motorcycle, but I can tell that I'm keeping it. Thanks again.

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  13. Looks good Franklin! Sterling Gray is the fastest color!
  14. Nice! My buddies Sterling Grey just went 10.6 @ 127

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  15. Thanks.
    10.6? I'll be happy in the 13s. lol.
    I'll have to try out the track apps and the shift light soon.
  16. Just backing up that Sterling Gray, is in fact, a fast color :)

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  17. Once I saw the Sterling Gray, I fell in love. I didn't want to go with red because 90% of my cars have been red. I liked the blue and the black, but to me nothing quite looked as good as that gray.

    I didn't even notice the racing stripe with the first pictures that the dealer sent (low rez & bad angles).
  18. Nnnooooooo every 1 knows Kona Blue is the fastest kolor ! Lol
  19. Whooooo. Are those factory stripes. :) I like those.

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