is the typhoon intake manifold worth it?

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  1. Was just curious if the typhoon intake manifold for my 00 GT would be worth it? I have ford racing shorty headers with an o/f x pipe. Other things to like a diablo delta chip, 3.73's and flowmasters.
  2. not really. Its too $$$. And with your mods its just a really expensive new intake replacement
  3. or is there any intake that would give me some gains?
  4. what would be the next best step? torque converter? timing adjuster? shift kit? I want something i can feel? OR the TB/ intake plenum combo? mass air? I'm just not sure what would be the best choice.
  5. SCT LiveWire :nice:
  6. yeah, but not enough to justify the money spent IMO. The complete bullitt kit is over $1k I believe, as is RR, P-51......if you have to have a manifold wait until Trick Flow releases their in early 07 and be the guinnea pig for stangnet. :nice:
  7. whats sct livewire?
  8. so any opinions on what to get next? I've never had the car tuned, would that be a good idea consdering my mods? me speedo is off and i took it to robberson ford, where i bought it, and they said there was nothing they could do! where do i get this done?
  9. The SCT LiveWire can correct your speedo!!! And tune your car...
  10. do you have this livewire kilgore? if so. could you feel a power gain?
  11. It is not for sale yet... It is available in January. Its awesome :drool:
  12. explains why i couldnt find a price either? or is there? would i feel i power gain in the TB/plenum combo?
  13. or a MAF? all three?
  14. What is your budget? If you have $1350 you will feel a gain with this bad boy:

  15. sorry i'm not much of a mechanic, but it looks like a stock plenum and intake. whats on it that makes it special? 1,300 is a reasonable amount, it's that 4500 for a supercharger thats tuff!
  16. i think i see the nos on there:) i was debating that also, but kinda heard that your days are numbered using stock heads?
  17. It has N02 hook up on it.