35th Anniv Is there a difference between a 35th and a 99 GT?

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  1. My '99 has some of the features shown on aniversary addition pages, but not all. I thought there were GT's and anniversary additions built in '99, and I right or wrong?:confused:
  2. What features do you have?
    Here is more info.

    A true 1999 "Limited" GT has several features that make it different from a standard 99 GT.
    Hood scoop (very similiar to the 02-03 scoop, but lower in stance)
    Hood stripe (in the concave area infront of scoop)
    Wheels (polished 17 inchers with painted charcoal inserts)
    Side scoops (again like the 02-03's, but with different insert)
    Spoiler (again like the 02-03's but without the character line)
    Rear applique (honeycomb insert between the taillights)
    Rocker panels (different from the standard GT)

    Seats (charcoal leather with silver inserts)
    Guage cluster (silver insert)
    shifter ball (polished aluminum)
    Floor mats (special charcoal with 35th logo embroidered)

    In four colors only
    Performance Red 1,555 built (only available on "Limited" in 1999.)
    Crystal White 515 built
    Black 1299 built
    Silver 1259 built
    Total: 4628

    See www.mustang35th.com for more info
  3. My 35th has everything listed except the shift knob (which doesnt look like an aftermarket knob) Everything else is right on. What do you say about that? :shrug:
  4. Is it an automatic? If not, someone stole yours. :notnice:
  5. no its a manual. I bought it used and it came with that shift knob. I do plan on purchasing a 35th knob from upr but I that doesn't mean its not a limited edition.
  6. What does your current shift knob look like? In '99 I saw a new perf. red 35th 5-speed on the lot with a leather shift knob similar to the knob that came on my '01. Another funny thing, :OT: my 35th came with a Tremec transmission, I thought all trannies were Borg-Warners.