Is there a Ford Credit Card?

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  1. So I got a promo for the GM credit card, and I think it's a great idea. If you're not familiar with the rewards program, you get 5% cash back on everything into an account towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle (there are some limits).

    Problem is...I can't think of any GM vehicles I'm going to want in the future, and I'd have to think being competition, Ford would do something similar?

    Has anyone heard anything about Ford offering a 5% cash back card or something of the nature?

    Maybe I could build up a couple thousand $$ in rewards by the time the 2010 Mustang comes around. :D
  2. I had one years ago but they canceled the program. That must have been around 1997. I don't know if they have started it up again.
  3. Why to you think that GM has such a card and Ford does not?

    The fact is that these credit card programs are very expensive for GM. Back when Ford had their Ford credit card, they were not offering 0% APR and $3K - $4K in cash back. So you are still getting your rebate, you just don't have to screw around with their credit card.

    I used to have a Ford card and used it for business travel, so I racked up some pretty big rebate totals. When I got my 2000 Lincoln LS I had something like $3250 in rebates. The Ford credit card program had already ended but the rebates were still good. IIRC my rebates would have expired within 6 months if I hadn't used them.

    When the program went away they converted it to a Citicorp card that earns 2% cash back that you can claim whenever you buy a car, any brand, new or used. So if you want to save a little money for your Stang, get one of those Citi-Cards.
  4. Ford came out with a card shortly after GM, but then dropped it a year or so later.

    The GM card is a great promotion, My parents got $2500 off the last SUV they bought.

    It is a great promotion, I wish Ford would still offer it. GM also has a corperate GM card with NO limit on earnings, but it is only 1% vs. 5% on the consumer card with the $3500 cap.

    351CJ, THe program cost GM a lot of money, but it also helps to get credit card customers and creates brand loyatly. Why would avg joe consumer buy a Taurus when he could get an extra $3000 to spend on an Impala (on top of Manufactor rebates). Peope feel obligated to buy GM because they already have a few thousand to spend on the car. This business model must work good for GM because the GM Card has been around for about 10 years.
  5. Ford had their card first. I had my Ford card for at least 5 years.
  6. Yeah my dad had one.Since they discontinued it the Bank that offered it still allows a 5% payback on everything you buy in cash. so they just lost Ford as a sponsor for the card. I don't know what you have to do to get one though.
  7. I wish my credit were good enough to get one of those Faulkers.