Is there a small VAM?

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  1. I always here about a big VAM. Is there one that is smaller? What's the difference? Any clue as to what I have on my '87 TC 5-speed?
  2. yes there is a small vam, it goes along with the 30# injectors. you have a large VAM.
  3. Big Vam Small Vam

    Yup the small VAM is on everything before 87 and not the SVO. The 87-88 TC and SVO Stang of 85-86 had the big VAM. As jman said the smaller VAM went with 30lb inj and the bigger went with the 35lb inj.
  4. beautiful...i've got two!;)
  5. [education]
    The big vam just came in specific years/models...has nothing to do with injector size.

    It specifically came in ALL SVOs, including the '84 and early 85 that had 30lb/hr injectors. It also came in the '87-'88 T-Bird.

    Everything else had the small VAM whether it had 30lb/hr or 35lb/hr injectors[/education]