Is there any spoiler to this effect?

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  1. hey i was wondering if there was a spoiler or way to flabbergast:D one to give the ol fox this look.

    i call it a whale tail, but whatever its called i love this style on all cars even ricer civics,its very simple and yet at the same time screams bad arse! and its not an overkill wing or anything. Anyways i was just wondering how to go about this.
    As we all know the angle on the trunk where spoiler mounts on a fox is very,well unforgiving for after market/universal wings.

    possible? yay or nay :shrug:
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  6. steeda is not quite it. the old 4 eyed looks ok, need more pics different angels etc....i would imagine someone has put some unique wings on a fox so i'll wait and see what pops up!

    ps. i love louvers btw!
  7. saleen s281 wing. with a little modification it will bolt onto a fox.
  8. yeah but you have to remember sn95+ have straight/flush mounting surfaces for the spoilers. where as the fox is slanted
  9. I want to do this for my car. Might only look best on Notch's and Verts, but I think its pretty cool.

    Guy said he got it from a Dodge Omni-Charger/ Plymouth Turismo (84-ish I believe)

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  10. hmm i really need some more pics. I see your logic about it looking proper on vert and notches but the ol 4 eyed was hatch and that rear pic looks good.
  11. I wonder if a new edge spoiler would fit. Most likely would take a little modification, but something like the 03-04 Terminator spoiler
  12. I've always thought the old 3 piece wings were the best looking stock wing they ever put on a hatch...but i'm betting i'm alone on this one :lol:

    I think the closest you're going to get is going to be something like an aluminum drag wing painted to match the car, or something custom. It'd be easier to have the style that the white car has with a coupe since the trunk is flat....with a hatch, you're working with that downward slope so you can't just come straight off the trunk or it'll look funny.
  14. i am surprised you don't see any notchbacks with the mclaren rear decklid spoilers.i know they are expensive but i think no spoilers except for that wing would look great.
  15. yeah somethign isnt right, this thread should be generating more pics and intrest, im tired of seing the same wings COBRA or saleen on modded foxes,yes they look nice but i want something unique

  16. I think spoilers are one of those Mustang taboos...with all the ricer wings out there, i think people stick to the safe options.
  17. Its a show-and-go thing. There are only a few people who like the cars with no spoiler. Most people agree that you better have a baaad car to rock a sheet metal race wing or spoiler. For everybody else, the stock LX and GT pieces do just fine.

    I do like the ducktail!
  18. then lets get some photchops going please! or something someone has to have a old 3 piece.ducktail or something on an aero front!
  19. Ask and yee shall receive...o and don't pay attention to the rims..not my ride! I plan using this spoiler on my father-in-laws 91 hatch and my t-top cars.
  20. i like it but its not the same effect as a duck tail :(